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Friday, 13 September 2013

"The Fabulous Work Of Jersey Hospice & The Truth That Is Kept From Them"

Hospice helps thousands of islanders

Carol has liver and lung cancer

Carol says "You've got it, nothing you can do about it" Wanna bet Carol???

In just a few hours time some islanders in Jersey will be very rich.
But the lottery winners won't be the only ones to benefit tonight.
Jersey Hospice have managed to raise thousands of pounds, thanks to the thousands of people who bought tickets.

The Hospice care for islanders living with terminal illnesses like cancer and motor neurone disease.

One young girl called Sarah-Jane has found her own way of supporting her grandma through cancer.

"The Truth About Cancer"

There are many different cures for cancer, proven, documented, and natural.
Just a few are listed below.

The Beck Protocol (blood electrification)

Hemp Oil (cannabinoids)

The Gerson Method (nutrition and liver cleansing)

Vitamin B17 (laetrile - apricot Kernel)

Burzynski Treatment (antineoplastons)

So why are these cures not being used? Not even being spoken about?

Below, we find out....

It is now 28/03/2014 and I have just tried to view the video directly below which has, as many other videos on the cancer cover up have....BEEN DELETED!!!

I wonder why that is???

Dr Rima Laibow MD explaining the whole twisted scenario from the outset with the globalists.

"The Beck Protocol"

Bob talking about the four major pieces of equipment is below

Link to the full equipment required for the protocol to be done properly

Link to Bob's story and other helpful vids on the Electronic Healing site

Info on using the Protocol, and a list of does and don'ts.

The Beck Protocol

"Hemp Oil"

"The Gerson Institute"

"Vitamin-B17-Laetrile" Dr. Philip Binzell MD's 2/4-18yr survival rate was 75% (using laetrile) for 217 of 288 cancer patients; the chemotherapy radiation 5yr survival rate was 27 (9%). 190 would have died using chemotherapy and radiation.For 62 cases of Dr. John Richardson M.D. For 21 Dr. Philip Binzell M.D. cases (click chpt 12) For ~300 Jason Vale cases SEE They could have lived had their doctor prescribed laetrile. If you are 'in' cancer; cases show-take 6-500mg tablets a day; and stick with it.

"Burzynski Treatment"

Below is a link to a fantastic array of links covering cancer and medical reports from many various sources.

Below is the startling shocking movie that shows how governments and big pharma have hidden, covered up and suppressed cancer cures for generations.

Morris Fishbein - The monster of medicine

Cancer - The Forbidden Cures


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