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Friday, 27 September 2013

"Thanks For The Memories Peter Mac"

Bowing out at Breakfast

Many thanks for the pleasure you've given everyone over the years fella :)

Peter Mac has presented his last ever Breakfast Show on Channel 103.

After 16 years of 5am starts at Channel 103, the DJ has decided to take a break from broadcasting and pursue his career as a hypnotherapist.

Peter has been with Channel 103 since the station went on air and admits that presenting the breakfast show has become a struggle.

He said: "For a while now I have been struggling to get up and do the Channel 103 Breakfast show.

"It takes it out of you after a while and with the dark early starts rolling in, the time has come for a rethink. After nearly 21 years broadcasting - 16 getting up early to do the breakfast show) - I am finally moving to new pastures!"


  1. what a shame he's leaving 103,his breakfast shows were's wishing you all the best in your new job,you will be sadly missed

  2. No wonder BBC Jersey's Mathew Price has been doing a campaign about 'new listeners' and 'if you're new to us, welcome' and all that guff.

  3. I remember La Buvette clearly enough. Peter Mac was a drunken, brash, pushy, arrogant Dj who would play crap music to a drunk audience and talk all over the music as well as repetatively saying, " a 1,2,3,4", all the time. He didn't have talent, he was just a pisshead let loose on the decks 'entertaining' drunks-which isn't particularly difficult to do. La Buvette didn't last long!

    Good for him to have done 103fm, any 'attitude' is better than none for that awful station, and good for him for this 'therapist' venture. La Buvette was crap though! lol!!

    1. You obviously had a very sheltered youth anon, still time for you to enjoy yourself for a little while before you pop your clogg's :)

  4. Mac was a great DJ, and had a real gift for the gab. One of the few.

  5. The Buvette was never the same after Peter left, he was the life and soul of the place. Good luck with your next venture Peter.

  6. numb nuts at 10:36am if peter mac was so bad then why did you drink in there !!
    peter has done so well for him self over the years and now he has got yet another new careerer under his belt,from electrician to very popular raid dj,and now hypnotherapy.
    one has to congratulate the man for his achievements.

  7. La Buvette was bloody brilliant, I remember fondly spending my Friday/saturday/Sunday nights having a good few beers and partying with peter Mac. And that was the thing, he was there drinking and enjoying the music with you. Brilliant pub DJ, totally there with his audience, my fondest memories of Jersey ( sadly left a year ago the place is fucked ) are of drunken nights in la Buvette with a big group of mates.
    Remember "Yogi hasn't got a dad - bastard, bastard, Yogi hasn't got a dad bastard bastard bear - bastard bastard bear.

    Or Bohemian Rhapsody

    Ot the Plymouth Barracuda- Baba-rara-cucu-dada

    Er, well it ain't Barracuda man, but I think we've got a hit record.

    I must be getting old I'm coming over all nostalgic.

    God bless you Peter and good luck with your new venture.