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Monday, 16 September 2013

"Social Security Jobseekers - Another Fine Mess - Parasites To Profit"

Help to prepare jobseekers

Well now, another hair brained scheme to get the unemployment figures down regardless of cost and consequence!

Francis Le Gresley no doubt believes this to be a viable project, and again, no doubt that it will all operate on a minimum wage basis, but what are the pitfalls?

The last hair brained venture Francis and his cohorts went on, ended in tragedy, but of course, they will never tell you about that little chestnut. That is why we have Bloggers....

The last venture was that Mr Le Gresley's department would pay half the wages of any employer who would take on an unemployed person full time. One such employer, who shall remain nameless (at least for now) took on THREE job seekers on this basis. Good news you might think?

Apparently it was good news for the employer, and good news for the THREE who got a minimum wage job out of it....So where is the pitfall?

Well, the employer fired the three staff she had employed on a permanent basis, reduced the existing contracts for the THREE minimum wagers from the Social Security Scheme, and as a result has slashed her weekly wage bill by about 60%.

Good one Francis, I look forward to the departments next venture with some anticipation :)

Help to prepare jobseekers

Local jobseekers in Jersey are being given a boost to help them prepare to go back to the workplace.

The island’s Back to Work scheme is launching a new eight week initiative called ‘JobsFest’.

Employers also have an incentive to get involved. The scheme will pay up to eight weeks’ wages and social security if the company employs local staff.

It will run from 7 October to 30 November.

It’s hoped employers will use this as a springboard to continue to employ staff at the end of the eight weeks.

If the company employs the staff for up to six months, there are extra incentives.

Social Security Minister, Senator Francis Le Gresley believes the incentive comes at 
a time of the year when there are fewer job vacancies. 

He said, “Jersey is facing its first winter period with a significant decrease in the fulfilment industry in an increasingly competitive jobs market. 

“The incentive presents an opportunity for employers to hire motivated job seekers who could then become permanent members of staff. While retail businesses in particular are expected to be attracted to this initiative, I hope that all businesses across a range of industries will see it as an opportunity.”

A job match event to give employers the opportunity to meet and recruit candidates on a speed interview basis will take place on Wednesday 25 September 2013. Employers wishing to recruit a candidate through the ‘JobsFest’ Employer Incentive should contact Back to Work on 447411 or email


  1. Ian, in reference to that female employer, please correct me if i'm wrong. Are you saying she sacked her 3 permanent staff to take on these 3 new 'social 1/2 price' replacement staff?

    1. That's about the size of it, yes.

    2. Certainly the info I got, and from a trusted source.

  2. Mmm.. That's a rather disgraceful way for an employer to act towards her staff, but then again who can blame her when Social are offering her an incentive to do so.

    So great, that's more statistics generated. 2 unemployed people have got a job..But wait, 2 people have also been sacked..huh??

    No, it's a joke, Ian..Right?