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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"Pooping On The People Is Easier With A Title"

Sir Philip Bailhache is Foreign Minister

Newly appointed Foreign Minister, Sir Philip Bailhache

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache has been elected as Jersey's first Foreign Minister.

In a three way fight in the States he beat off challenges from deputies Montfort Tadier and Gerard Baudains.

It's felt the new post was needed because the island is having to take more and more responsibility for its own international relations rather than relying on the UK government.

Senator Ian Gorst said the role is essential in protecting and promoting Jersey's interests overseas. He said: "A Minister for External Relations with Cabinet status will inevitably carry more weight overseas, as well as being more easily understandable to those from other cultures around the world.

"The creation of a Minister for External Relations will ensure that the island fills this current gap within the Council of Ministers and so is able to meet the international norm for the conduct of foreign affairs."

Deputy Montford Tadier wasn't giving the former bailiff a free run.


  1. I cannot think of anyone worse to represent the people of Jersey than Tadier.

  2. How about

    or bailhache? or birt? or le marquand? or gorst? or ozo the bozo? or power?

    Shall I go on?

  3. Please do, I'd take all of them over Tadier.

  4. flamin ek !! i though monford tadger had retired or passed away cause he don't do or say much to earn his huge wage packet or his expenses fookin useless where is all the gst stuff he promised on his election mandate ????

  5. Tadier is one of the best politicians, not afraid to ask the questions that need asking.

    Having a moral compass and a social conscience. He does not need to be part of the gang, in fact he probably sleeps better not being part of Gorst gang, who are so full of themselves and care so little for anyone else, including the people that voted them into power, they either refuse or waffle, but still don't answer reasonable questions.

    A complete shower, again Tadier is open and comes across as honest. He is not the man for Foreign Minister, he would be better running Education, or Home Affairs.

    1. All I would have needed to say about Monty - hear hear! On of the good 'uns.

  6. Have you noticed how the establishment ass lickers have jumped on Monty as he had honesty...if Jersey is doing no harm done,but no these wankers are the very same self abusers who wanted to spread Bad about Stuart Syvret,,and unless you cannot read or are retarded you will agree that every whistle that he blew contained the truth,his warnings were not heeded all he warned about came true despite the Mafia trying to suppress it,again and again he has been vindicated and right,not happy with that the Mafia stitched him up raided his place and jailed him on some spurious bullshit,for if he was Guilty of data transgression,then Terry Le Main should be doing time for the same thing,so they tried to say he had lost the plot,,,I saw him out jogging the other day looking as fit as a butchers dog and clearly and thoughtfully spoken,lucid and far more articulate than Bailllache could ever be, so give it up tossers you are just armchair cowards