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Friday, 20 September 2013

"Pitman's Made To Pay For Someone Else's Mistake!"

"Planning - A Laughing Stock"


  1. Why would a site notice be required if an application had not been made? Why pay the fee if the application was not submitted? The story is daft how can money be due if not applied or submitted.

    How can an application be withdrawn if not submitted? The article makes no sense. Is this normal behaviour from planning?

  2. How ridiculous. They would love to see the Pitmans jailed for this, or at least bankrupted so they can't hold office.

  3. OK....Pitman's are dodgers of fee's according to the JEP, and every other Oligarchy government prick who supports "The Jersey Way". We got that loud and clear :)

    But, what about this scenario? Did the Pitman's purchase their property lawfully and legally? Did they follow government protocol when buying their house? If so, what are the ramifications for those involved in the sale, and all those who profited from it?

    Who was the Pitman's lawyer in the sale? Who were the bankers in the sale? Who were the company that handled the sale of the property they purchased?

    Do all of the parasites involved, and profiting from this sale not have an obligation and a legal/lawful duty to ensure that issues like this are resolved BEFORE a sale can go ahead? Is this affair not gross negligence on all their parts?

    Food for thought Trev & Shona.

    Did these blood suckers fail in their duty to do their due diligence in this matter? Sure as hell looks like it to me :)

  4. Spot on Ian, I was thinking the same thing.

    Property Developer.

  5. And this happened to me too. We only found out about the issues with our house when we tried to sell it ... And the buyer's conveyancing team did their job .... Unlike the team that didn't for us. The law firm no longer exists here. When we finally sold our home, the initial legal dodo's assistant couldn't take his eyes off us in the Royal Court amazed that we had resolved the problems. Thank you Planning.

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