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Friday, 20 September 2013

"Mental Health Back In The Spotlight"

"Another Suicide"


  1. Notice the possibility of a scam here, as happened to our family almost.

    Very old lady, son very responsible and loving, taking care of her, visited as usual. Doctor says she has dementia, she must become ward of court. Son says no, I am taking care of my mothers needs including paying her bills what are you up to ?

    Doctor backed down when the mother ( who was an retired teacher ) expressed confidence in her far from stupid son who was angry and fought back verbally. The lady was old not mad.

    Read the article, attended by Solicitor General, lawyers and other hovering vultures.

    Of course if a person has dementia or problems, the family is normally the first stop for help. This must be enshrined in law. Not lawyers with the blessing of the Royal Court to take £400 and hour for paying the telephone or electricity account from the vulnerable.

    Is the recession is hitting lawyers as well ? is this another way to grab money using the royal court as a enforcer.


    1. Good shout there anon, the whole entire system of government is rigged simply for them to make vast amounts of money out of any matter that arises, that is it. They couldn't give a rats ass if someone is suffering in silence, they just want to make a fast buck out of the dilemma.

  2. yet another suicide,yet another failing from the mental health services,and still Anne prick does nothing!!!!! ha ha more crap from the rag.i my self have asked mind for help with my issues with the mental services(or lack of them!)and i was told that "because i was not detained"they could not and would not help me.ALL FKN FULL OF SHITE