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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

"Medomsley Heroes Still Fighting For Justice" Part 9

Abuser ruined my life

Haunted by his child sex abuse ordeal, another victim of pervert preacher Neville Husband today breaks his silence.

The brave Richard Hall
Haunted by his child sex abuse ordeal, another victim of pervert preacher Neville Husband today breaks his silence.
Richard Hall suffered regular beatings and sex attacks at the hands of the shamed clergyman while an inmate at Medomsley Detention Centre in Consett, Co Durham, in 1980.
In February 2003, Husband was jailed for eight years for molesting Mr Hall and four other teenagers. And in September this year he was given an extra two years for abusing four other youngsters.
This week we told how another victim, Kevin Young, won a landmark legal case allowing him to sue the Home Office, which ran the detention centre.
Inspired by Mr Young's story, Mr Hall plans to launch his own legal battle. Waiving his right to anonymity to talk to the Chronicle, he today tells how Husband's abuse left his life in tatters.
Mr Hall, now 42, of Heaton, Newcastle, said: "He used to come up to me when I was washing the dishes.
"He came in and forced me to do a sexual act and beat the living daylights out of me.
"I couldn't escape from it because it was a prison. He was there for 17 years and I dread to think how many people suffered at the hands of him.
"It was like a conveyor belt of young, helpless boys coming through for him over those years. It was constant for the three months I was in there. I suffered so many beatings and so much sexual abuse. It was awful.
"I was in there for three months and he would never stop. It was like a candy shop for him. He had all the kids at his beck and call.
"You just couldn't get away from it. We were young and didn't know what to do."
Husband ran the kitchens at Medomsley from 1975 to 1981, before leaving to become a minister of Brighton Road and Cromer Avenue URC churches in Gateshead.
Mr Hall was sent to Medomsley in 1980 for stealing a car. He was given a three-month sentence but the horrific abuse he suffered will live with him for ever.
He told how the ordeal has ruined his life. "I lived with it all my life and it's there in your mind all the time," he said.
Mr Hall added: "But when it all came out again with the 2003 trial, it came back to haunt me and all I could do was drink a lot of beer to numb the thoughts.

"I have never really talked about it until I saw his ugly face on the Chronicle and it brought it all back. I just feel as though what happened to me has never been acknowledged.
Paedophile Scum: Neville Husband
"He can go to prison for his sentence but we're all suffering a life sentence in our thoughts. I have just tried to send it out of my mind until it all came back again.
"Seeing him in court at the trial wasn't very nice. He wasn't remorseful or anything.
"After the second trial, I got a phone call saying he had got another two years and I just smashed up my flat. I thought he should've got much more. To me, he should be castrated."
Mr Hall hopes he can follow in the footsteps of Mr Young, 45, of Jarrow, South Tyneside, who is a spokesman for support group Survivors North East.
He said: "I just want justice for me and all those other victims. I couldn't tell anybody about the beatings I used to get. I once broke the law and I admit it, but does that give anybody the right to do anything as bad as that?
"When I walked out of there, I was so disillusioned with life. I'm not bothered about the money, I just want it acknowledged. I just want justice."


  1. How can I get in touch with kevin young, I am sure we were in medomsley at the same time, this was feb till june 1977 ,. Please get in touch with me thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,john

    1. Hi John, I removed your email addy as I don't like publishing emails on here. I have a good friend up North who is in contact with Kevin so I will pass your name and email address on to him tomorrow and he will, I am sure, pass it on to Kevin.

      Best I can do mate unless, of course, you want me to post your email address on this comment thread, the choice is your my friend....

    2. Hi again John, I have passed your details on mate, see what transpires hey? Good luck.

  2. John Bell....You can contact Kevin Young through his lawyer as these matters are still ongoing. Kevin has been told, hope this helps.