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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"Justice Minister Visits Crooked Jersey To Discuss Jersey's Reputation - But What About 'The Justice' Mr Minister?"

Grayling: 'We'll help improve

French relations'

UK Secretary of State for Justice Chris Grayling (left) with Chief Minister Ian Gorst

Leah Ferguson not asking the right questions!!!

Britain's Secretary of State for Justice Chris Grayling says he will do all he can to help the island better their relationship with France.

Nearly one month ago, France put Jersey on its blacklist of uncooperative jurisdictions. 

It's thought the action was because of outstanding requests for tax information. 

The Lord Chancellor visited Jersey on Monday to meet with the Chief Minister and senior officials.

After his meetings, Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst said, "It's really an opportunity for the Secretary of State for Justice to visit us and see first hand what we are doing and talk about the relationship we have with them.

"We spoke about the French issue to them proposing to list us as uncooperative. It was a positive meeting and our relationship with them is very important.

"I believe the UK is our most important economic link and it will continue.

"The Secretary of State has backed up what the Prime Minister said, saying we are not a tax haven and that's correct."

Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling believes it was a fact finding visit for him to run through issues and challenges ahead. 

He said, "We must understand what issues are here. Relations should remain strong so that decisions are taken at the right level. As a government we want to make sure there's as much autonomy as possible. I want Jersey to gain in the international field.

"This is a part of the area covered by the crown and we are a close member of the UK family. We would never seek to bully Jersey in anyway.

"I think it's always been unfair to bracket the Channel Islands with other more questionable financial services. We not regard them as tax havens.

"We will do all we can to help the island build their relationship with France.

The Lord Chancellor also mentioned the appointment of a Foreign Minister. He said, "A Foreign Minister is a must. The logic to have one is great. It's an interesting new step. 

There's a strong feeling of attachment and pride in the monarchy. I hope we can help and facilitate what has to happen for Jersey in the London end. 


  1. Ian.

    Cost Of Failed, Taxpayer Funded, Super Injunction remains A SECRET

  2. pride in the monarchy??? get the hell out of here Grayling !

  3. not meant as a post ,,just info Ian do you know that both burners at the 3hundred million incinerator ate goosed and they are trying to bury and hide mixed and rotting waste and do not want anyone to know...?

  4. Proud of what exactly..? the deception and dishonesty,the young people abused and abandoned to Paedo's at Haut de La garrene,the Senator hounded and set up again and again as he hed the temerity to speak ourt and whistleblow,the zillions paid out criminally to civil servats who signed off each others pay deals ,the QUEENS MEDAL CHIEF OF POLICE STITCHED UP....WHAT EXACTLY IS THE POINT OF PRIDE REFERRED TO ..? OR IS IT THE USUAL INSINCERE BULLSHIT.