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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

"Jersey N.W.O Psychopaths Clamping Down Further On Human Rights"

CCTV: A hindrance or a help?

There are fresh calls to expand CCTV in Jersey, introduce new Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology and see police officers wearing cameras.

It's claimed the UK is the most spied-upon nation in the world, so how far behind are the Channel Islands?

You may be surprised but closed-circuit cameras are a part of everyday life in St. Helier. Police say they are an essential tool in keeping our streets safe. CCTV images were used to help convict Michael Calvert of a knife-attack. They have been use to help track missing people and some private residents have installed their own monitoring equipment at home.

There are even cameras on our buses these days, several of them keeping an electronic eye on our every move, but where do you draw the line between reassurance and infringing our liberty?

The No-CCTV campaign group first campaigned in Oxford against surveillance cameras in 2007. The city and others including Birmingham, Leicester and Peterborough also have fixed Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems. But in the market town of Royston, Hertfordshire Police have been found in breach of the Data Protection Act for its disproportionate use of ANPR cameras.

A scrutiny panel tomorrow will investigate if such cameras should come to St. Helier to keep an eye on traffic congestion. In addition to the current CCTV cameras, the Police are already trialling body-worn cameras for officers on the beat.

Why Not Turn Butlin's Into A FEMA Camp?

We have seen in the last two years, most of the Worlds Governments rapidly gearing up for the New World Order. Those of you who haven't, must surely live in a world of your own, completely oblivious to the oppression and manipulation that is going on around you.

Everything you eat, drink and breath is being poisoned with GMO foods, fluoride, agro chems, chlorine and nano particulates of some of the worst heavy metals known to man. Big pharma is at you constantly with such delicacies as chemotherapy, radiation treatment, toxic medications and injected deadly cocktails of the most damaging sorts. Yet most of you blindly accept the word of these murderers as gospel, never once questioning the lethality of the filth they peddle.

Nobody ever dies of AIDS or CANCER....Did you know this? They all die of the effects of taking the treatment, the opportunistic infections and viruses that are induced by such treatments.

There is no such thing as organic food any more, did you know this? There are the odd one or two growers who believe their produce to be wholesome and natural yet even they are deceived. Fruits and vegetables need air and water, water is now saturated with hundreds of toxins. The air is far worse through Geoengineering, the spraying of nano particulates into the atmosphere in some deluded Mickey Mouse theory that it will reduce global warming, global warming that even NASA has admitted isn't happening. The polar icecaps are now larger than at any time since records began, did anyone inform you of this? Please see link below.

The entire structure of the world is being changed to suit the globalist agenda, to enslave the poor, and to cull the middle classes, they even set this in stone, Google "The Georgia Guidestones".

They want a swift end to cash, cash flow is not controllable to a large extent from their prospective so they want to make everyone dependent on chipped cards, later followed up with RFID chips implanted in the body like they are already doing with dogs. If the people are beginning to understand what is going on then simply take your credit/debit cards and cut them in half, go back to your cash before it is to late. Once they have removed cash and implemented only electronic currency, then they can cut you out of life at will, they simply are able to turn off your account with the flick of a switch. You will not be able to trade, to buy food, or anything else for that matter. Pause and think about it for a few seconds, you are totally under their electronic control. many of you were consulted over this latest move to have government spy on you and your movements? Are any of you really stupid enough to believe that monitoring traffic with even more cameras is going to make the slightest difference to the traffic congestion that they are alleging these cameras are there to prevent?


They want every aspect of your life monitored, documented and controlled, Jeeeez peeps, if it isn't as plain as a pikestaff already. Wake up and say no, tell your local politician to stop this madness whilst that small window of opportunity is still open to us.

There Is Not Much Time Left For Action

Once they have food, and the monetary system completely under their control, that is it folks, it's true slavery! You are nothing but cattle and there is no going back, they will have enslaved the entire world.


  1. This stuff is so scary...most people glaze over....keep it coming big man....truth is enlightenment and knowledge is power...can't say they weren't warned..

    1. Do not be afraid anon, that is exactly how they want us to feel.