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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

"Jersey Buffoons Still Crying Over The Same Spilled Milk"

"Bailhache - Tax Havens - Plemont & Hijacked Electoral Commissions"

Calls to get off French blacklist

The States of Jersey are calling on France to remove the island from their tax haven blacklist. 

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, who's responsible for foreign affairs, says the French authorities' decision to add Jersey to a list of 'uncooperative jurisdictions' is totally unjustified. 

He's spoken to the French Ambassador in London, but he's is still trying to find out the motive behind the move. 

Fresh calls against Plemont redevelopment

Parishioners in St Ouen are calling for a Parish meeting to put forward another appeal against the redevelopment of the Plemont Holiday Village.

Many islanders out west think the planning minister hasn’t justified his decision properly. They say, “The reasons used by the minister to justify the decision are neither reasonable nor rational.”

The parishioners however do accept that deputy Rob Duhamel can make a decision which is inconsistent with the Island Plan.

The case will be put to the Parish meeting and, if agreed, the Third Party appeal will be lodged so that the Royal Court can determine whether or not the minister’s decision is reasonable. 

Political reform back on the agenda

The age old question of how to reform the government in Jersey will be back on the agenda yet again this month, when the States return from the summer break. 

Despite voting in July to ignore the result of the Referendum, most politicians say there is still an appetite for change. But they are still quarrelling over the finer details, with four politicians lodging what they call a compromise on reform.

In April's Referendum, the public chose Reform Option B, which aimed to reduce the number of politicians to 42, keeping the role of Constable but abolishing the Senators. It was proposed the island be split into six large voting districts, each with five Deputies. But States members voted against adopting that model, 28 votes to 21. 

Now, Treasury Minister Senator Philip Ozouf says it is time to debate the alternatives and believes he has found a "constructive way forward", by adding an extra deputy to each of the two proposed St Helier voting districts.

Deputy Trevor Pitman is suggesting adding an extra two deputies to each St Helier district, bringing the total number of politicians to 46.

Senator Lyndon Farnham has lodged his ideas for reform. He wants to keep the role of senator, but reduce the number to six. He said "the office of senator is, by virtue of its Island-wide mandate, the most democratic and therefore the most accountable." He suggests the Chief Minister should be elected from the ranks of the senators.

Deputy Geoff Southern wants to scrap the role of constable and to rename all politicians 'Members of the States of Jersey' (MSJ).

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