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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

"Jeffrey M Smith On Monsanto"

"Feeding The World To Death"

Published on Sep 2, 2013
Supermarkets are flooded with GMO products, but how safe is it to eat them? Tasty and beautiful, they are produced with intervention unprecedented in history. Gene manipulation: how appropriate is it? Does it contribute to solving the food crisis on the planet? Or will humanity have to pay a costly price for meddling with what is not theirs. We talk to Jeffrey M. Smith, GMO researcher from the Institute for Responsible Technology. 


  1. Find it,identify it,name it shame it boycott it...

  2. I'm *hopeful* that the world is finally starting to wake up GM food and Monstanto in particular. Their shares have fallen sharply recently. The March Against Monsanto was a major success in getting the message across about the evil they are doing. Also, a big turning point was when Korea and Japan recently banned American wheat importation, following news that non-GM crops had been contaminated by open-field GM testing.

    Pretty obvious that would happen, even with all of Monstanto's wealth, power, and political influence, even they cannot control the wind and the bees, sooner or later cross-contamination was bound to occur.

  3. great video, this expert is talking simple facts, and the public need to take this very seriously.

    Its a simple risk-management process and a no brainer to make sure that everything one eats , or gives to their kids is organic.