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Monday, 23 September 2013

"Independence? Not On Your Life"

Island may face tough choices over EU status

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache (left) and Professor Andrew Sutton, the former adviser to Jersey on the EU and a one-time senior European Commission official, who also spoke at the conference

JERSEY might have to make some uncomfortable choices as the Island is facing one of the most challenging periods in its recent history, Senator Bailhache has said.
The States Member with responsibility for external relations made the comments at a Jersey Institute of Law seminar about Jersey’s future relationship with the European Union.
He said that in the next five years Jersey would have to respond to a series of national and international events which could lead to the Island’s relationship with Europe changing significantly.
Those scenarios would likely trigger important debates on matters such as Jersey’s sovereignty and independence, and leave Islanders having to consider whether they wanted to be inside the EU or not – and, if so, to what extent, he suggested.


  1. Ian.

    From the document leaked to (and buried by) the discredited and disgraced BBC.

    "where some notable figures favour an eventual severance of links with the U.K. and would see the ready acceptance of U.K. working practices as running counter to this agenda. I recall that in 2007 I assisted a small working group which included, among others, the Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache and the Attorney General William Bailhache. The purpose of the group was to prepare a draft contingency plan for complete independence. I submitted papers to the group on the implications for law enforcement, and used some contacts from my previous role to offer suggestions as to who outside of the island, could assist in developing such a plan. I provided contact details of key figures in the Scottish Government and Administration including the Scottish National Party. I recall that some of the advice and contacts I provided were in an email I sent, probably in July 2007. This and other experiences reinforced my understanding that there was a tide flowing against closer association with the U.K, and a strong local agenda to develop working models and solutions within the island."

    You and your readers will no doubt recognise this as coming from the illegally suspended Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM.

    It clearly demonstrates that the Bailhache Brothers have been exploring independence for the island since 2007. Long before any so-called "problems" with Europe. Yet the State Media have not and will not point this out to the public.

  2. VFC points out another very troubling example of indefensible BBC deference to presumed State propaganda. Even aside from BBC resisting the major story of how Graham Power was stitched up for uncovering the level of child abuse, this document points to BBC complicity in the coverup of plans by the Bailhache Brothers to surreptitiously alter the status of every islander. Was this not of vital public interest? To the BBC Home Offices, this should be questioned as a possible violation of their Public Charter.