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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

"If We Are Not A Tax Haven - We Simply Have Nothing To Sell?"

Are our politicians useful abroad?

"Are Our Politicians Useful At Home?"

Sending our politicians on overseas trips can help spread the Channel Islands' message.
But what is the Channel Islands' message? That we are a bunch of commercial crooks?

But how does it really benefit the Bailiwicks? And are taxpayers being forced to fund worthless jollys?
Tax payers are always used to fund worthless jolly's, much to the delight of centuries of Government parasites who have raped the peoples wealth and birthright for thousands of years.

Guernsey and Jersey Ministers have just returned after this week's Liberal Democrat conference in the UK. They say it was vital to be there in order to highlight the action the islands have taken over disclosing financial information to the UK tax authorities.
Guernsey and Jersey ministers have just returned after a grovelling trip to their Masters, and having had to pay for the privilege of being heard in the first instance! As for the diatribe of highlighting the actions the Channel Islands have taken in disclosing financial info to the UK tax authorities, does anyone remember, just a few short months ago, that they were 'TOLD' to do this?

But some backbenchers question whether the trip was little more than an exercise in glad-handing and say discussions with our neighbours should not only be about tax.
Of course, this little Jolly was simply an exercise in servitude, the Corporation of the City of London rules outright.

Deputy Montfort Tadier said: "The topics up for discussion should be much broader. Backbenchers should also be involved and social issues should be on the agenda."
Backbenchers involved? In your dreams Monty me ole cocksparrow!!! Social agenda is in the mandate, the mandate of minding ones own business.

Others warn it is important not to come across too pushy.
Pushy is Jersey's middle name, oops, sorry, "Corruption" is Jersey's middle name.

Deputy Roy Le Herissier said: "There is a fear that the people we are sending on these trips have a tendency to go into selling overdrive. We must give a balanced view and be careful not to put people off. Tax is a tricky political issue at the moment, we need to coax people round to our view."
Well that was some statement wasn't it? At last we finally find out which side the fence-sitter is on. Roy 'boy' has finally blown his cover with this profoundly idiotic statement which is now up in lights for the whole world to see. "We need to coax people round to our view" No sh*t Roy? Are you really that naive that the rest of the world hasn't sussed us out already???

Gentle lobbying by the States has proved successful recently, winning over UK Prime Minister David Cameron. He told the House of Commons it is wrong to call the islands tax havens.
Jesus Christ!!! You idiots really think that you have won over David Cameron with your 'gentle' horsesh*t? Cameron is a warmongering, corporate loving, people hating psychopath who despises all those that do not hold equity in the upper echelons of power.

The islands will also have representatives at the other party conferences later this month.
Oh joy, more public money siphoned off for the enjoyment of the corporate minded parasites who have forgotten their position of 'servant' in their wavering service to the tax paying mug!!!

A recap for the deluded....If we are 'NOT' a tax haven, we simply have NOTHING TO SELL!!! except for some shit tasting potatoes, and the promise of nothingness for our  oppressed people :) Kissy Kissy!

Chunkymark....Just for fun like :)

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