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Monday, 23 September 2013

"How To Find Out Whether The Flu Vaccine Is Safe"

Time to start thinking about the flu jab

Swine Flu Sue Turnbull
Islanders who receive the annual flu jab are being urged to plan for their injection.

The illness can be more severe in the elderly and those with underlying conditions.

People with chronic lung, cardiac, liver or kidney disease, as well as those aged 65 or older are among those who are most at risk.

But it's not only the elderly and those who suffer from conditions who should consider this year's flu prevention. Hospital staff are also being told they should be immunised.

"What To Do"

Simply Email your government health official, in Jersey's case, and ask her to forward you a full list of what these vaccines contain?

If by any miracle you actually do get a response, please forward me a copy then simply check out the list of ingredients on the net, and what the ramifications of taking these ingredients are.

This will tell you all you need to know about vaccines!


  1. I have noticed that the States Health Authority always say 65 or over. Why is it always 65 or over?

  2. Flue Jabs are fake, they are old cultures from previous tears bio material. Pointless and does moe harm than good. Dont forget the additives as well :) Just another financial lost leader for the drug companies .