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Friday, 13 September 2013

"Deputy Mike Higgins Puts His House On The Line To Secure Air Display"

Air display 2014 will go ahead

Robert Gaines Cooper
So....whilst most of our worthless politicians, civil servants, judges and lawyers are scheming and conniving to fleece the public purse of every penny they can, one of our very few decent politico's, Deputy Mike Higgins, has put his house on the line for the enjoyment of the people of Jersey!!!

Robert Gaines Cooper, obviously a man of some conscience, stepped in to do what The States of Jersey should have done, and released Mike Higgins from the financial burden that he selflessly put himself under for his islands community.

The next time Deputy Mike Higgins is up for election, we have a duty to remember his actions on behalf of the Jersey people.

Congratulations to both men, gentlemen and scholars, the pair of you :)

Deputy Mike Higgins, International Air Display

Jersey's International Air Display has been given a financial boost.

A multi-millionaire who lives in the Seychelles and who has helped fund the show for the past 17 years has announced he's upping the amount of money he donates.

The news comes as a great relief to the organiser who this year had to take out a loan on his house to help underwrite the event.

Deputy Mike Higgins is relieved after all the hard work and pressure of organising such a big event. He was worried that funds were low and donations weren't coming in.

He said, "The running costs of the display take up a big part of the budget... fuel, hotels, higher cars on top of paying for each performer.. it's a tough task."


  1. "Higher Cars"

    Are these cars with wings?

  2. Fcukin finance industry should be made to pay for the display. They bleed us dry the bastards .

  3. Yes well said Ian...Mike Higgins knows the principle of leadership by example,unlike the champagne swilling sewer rats that masquerade as representatives of the people...they represent themselves and their greedy wallets that's all.Come the revolution brothers...we will all know who to call to account.

  4. trouble is Mike asking too many awkward questions these days & not seen as "one of the boys" so sponsors making their feelings known no doubt