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Thursday, 19 September 2013

"Close The Only Road Through Town - Another Screwball Idea!"

Calls to pedestrianise Halkett Place

The constable of St Helier is proposing pedestrianising Halkett Place in a bid to boost trade, he believes the street is currently used as a rat run, and isn't very shopper friendly.

There are a number of empty shops in the area, and he believes that even part pedestrianising it, would lead to more footfall on the street.

Constable Simon Crowcroft said: “People have to compare this street with King Street and ask why it is humming with activity and Halkett Place does have an awful lot of through traffic. 

“People aren't actually spending any time or any money in town but are simply finding a convenient way through. Certainly the traffic penetration on this street is one reason why a lot of shoppers don't come up this way.“

However some market traders oppose the idea.

Butcher Stephen Thompson said, “I think it's a bad idea because anything that's going to keep traffic and people away from town is going to endanger local businesses and we're already having a bad time at the minute so I think it's a bad idea.”

Antiques Dealer, Tony Delemos said, “People like to come into the town they like to park their cars, they like to drive into town and if they take Halkett Place away there'll be less parking spaces and I think the business is going to suffer.” 

A meeting will be held in two weeks to consult with business owners about the suggestions put forward.


  1. What a load of nonsense. Tell me what's so great about that dull street anyhow, pretty much sod all. I'm guessing Crowcroft can't wait to get it paved over so he can waste more parish money on crappy town bands to lead thru town with a feather in his cap like a right plonker, or pay for more dreadful buskers to play their trashy tunes with wingeing voices irritating shopkeepers and pedestrians.

    The only one's for this paving is ancient pensioners terrified of getting a traffic accident, good grief the traffick isn't that bad, lol!

  2. To many cars, not good for shops, to many cars suicide for shops.

    You might think that the big corporate retail store with free parking are " looking after " some states members to get them to close roads in town.

  3. Perfectly wide pavements either side. What a fuss over nothing. King/Queen St has more footfall because it's the major pedestrian route east/west. If you want to head north there are many options, so the footfall spreads out over Dumaresq St, Don St, Halk.Place, Halk.St,Bath St, etc.

    1. Exactly anon, we can only come to the conclusion that Slyman is off his freakin cake, just the same as the rest of the depraved cretins that profess to hold authority over the populace. They are all on an ego/power trip as not one of them has ever held authority over anyone in their lives for the right reasons. Those reasons being that they have a little more insight, caring and compassion!!!

      Can you imagine Slyman Crowcroft putting this forward if he was, say, a part time van delivery driver?

      It doesn't affect him, so, in true Jersey fashion, he has no interest in the consequences of his reprehensible actions on this topic. Why would he care about the working man who cannot deliver his goods to sustain his family? Just look at how the coward bottled it after he helped Graham Power get the results of the timestamp on his dismissal letter!!!

      As I keep stating, they don't give a sh*t about the common man....You are all simply money making machines for the scum that profess to be at the helm of humanity....

  4. Aww Ian, don't be so negative. Just think positively about the more silly statues that could be erected or paving stones of local heroes laid. Of course, without the public having any choice in the matter!