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Saturday, 28 September 2013

"Benefit Fraud - But Just Who Are 'The Real' Fraudsters?"

"Benefits Are Not A Benefit - They Are An Entitlement"

This article really jumped out at me yesterday, especially the rather deceptive title which is specifically designed to outrage the public who, for the most part, have absolutely no fucking idea how they are being turned over by government on a daily basis.

In the next few weeks I am going to be looking into some "Benefit" cases, and going over some of the fraud used by government and it's subsidiary companies to steal the wealth of the people. And before someone echoes the same point again....YES....government is a company, and so are the parishes, hospital, police, fire service, and....the Social Security Department.

Anyone out there who has had problems with the Social Security Department, and would like to air their story, please feel free to leave a "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" comment on this posting so I can contact you and publish your experience.

It's about time the people of Jersey got involved with the blogg's instead of sitting back on their arses leaving everything to the very few to bring to the public attention.

This is your chance to have your say, will you take that chance?

I will be doing a posting later wherein Dean Clifford will explain in his own cogent manner, just how things work, and what it is that the people should be striving for in their lives. I can assure readers it will be a very entertaining and enlightening experience ;)


  1. I would *love* to hear from you how one can stop paying monthly social security contributions in Jersey!!!!!

    1. You don't know how to not pay something? And what relevance has that to the posting?

  2. The people leaving "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" comments....You're supposed to leave a contact number!!!

    There is no point writing in if you ain't going to tell your story, is there?

    1. Hello anon with the mobile ending in '0'

      Now you need to switch your mobile 'on'

  3. unemployed will soon be a criminal offence

  4. To the halfwit who's pathetic challenge, and even more pathetic 6 1/2 year old link didn't get published, ask your idiot self this question. Why would I publish an old piece of elitist, statist, globalist propaganda horseshit like that?

    I think it may be time for you to go out into the yard and wring out your underpants, the stench of ammonia must be getting to you :)

    And try not to trip over all those empty lager tins and pizza boxes when splishing and sploshing across that piss drenched carpet of yours....

  5. Jim Perchard ‏@JLPerchard 27 Sep
    Is it not time to make those able long-term unemployed do some community work in return for their benefits.


  6. No Jim it is not.

    Keep your trap shut and just give them taxpayers money each week so they can go and get pissed, smoke get a nice place to live through the rent rebate scheme. Then the next step is to have a hoard of kids.

    Jim what have these poor people ever done to you, to try and get them to do some work.