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Sunday, 8 September 2013

"Autism & Vaccines"

"Autism 9/11 An Inside Job"

Your Sabotage-Proof Registration Method Here!
How to Register for the 9/11/13
Autism: An Inside Job Webinar

Trying to Register for the Autism: An Inside Job Webinar? Some Internet Service Providers appear to be blocking the information and registration sites.

What that says to me is that we are right on the money – the pharmaceutical industry’s money.
We want you at the webinar on Wednesday night and you want to be there.
To attend this seminal event, first try to register here:
If that does not work for you because of technical or other interference, call my US number on Monday and my staff will personally walk your credit card or paypal account through the registration process. That way you will be able to attend the webinar IN SPITE OF the fierce opposition of the forces that want to keep you in the dark about vaccines, what they really do and what they are really for.
Here is my office phone number: +1-973-241-4586. My staff will be available from 10 AM to 6 PM Monday and Tuesday ONLY for this purpose. Please do not call to ask questions or set up consultations with me. I am committing my staff to helping people who have been blocked from registering for this webinar.
When you register, you will be asked whether you want the Webinar ebook in English or Spanish.
You can also call to purchase the ebook if you do not plan to attend the Webinar.
Because this material is so important, I will direct my staff to put aside all other activities on Monday, September 9 and Tuesday September 10 to assist with your registration if the sites are blocked by your ISP or otherwise.
This is clearly sabotage and while I am seething with rage over this violation of our right to speak out and your right to know this information, rather, this ATTEMPTED violation, I also take it as a powerful confirmation of how powerful WE are, and how very shakey THEY are!
You see, of course, that when we say that we need your donations for higher levels of security, we are not kidding. So here is a donation link, LINK. Use it to give generously to help us move to higher levels of security so we can guard against this type of interference.
Thank you!
Oh, yes, one more thing: I need your support for three vitally important Action Items.
First, Natural Solutions Foundation has forced the government of Chile off course from their stated goal of passing a horrible seed privatization law (the so-called Monsanto Law). The Action Item that did that (a first for Chile!) has been revised so we ask you to take it again. Now we need to force them to vote it down while we have strong Senatorial support for doing just that.
Click here to take the Action Item in English,, and here,, to take it in Spanish.
Second, today the International Olympic Committee approved Tokyo’s bid for the 2020 Olympics. Would you send your son or daughter to compete in a city so toxic that their life may well be forfeit by visiting the Olympic Village there and taking part in the Games? How about your own life as a spectator, coach, parent, etc.?
We need an international independent commission funded by governments, but run independently seeking meaningful solutions to the Fukushima disaster (NOT a blatantly idiotic ice pack kept frozen for the next 4.5 billion years!)
Click here,, to demand the creation of this international NGO and the cancellation of these Games unless the problem has been solved well in advance of 2020.

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