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Monday, 16 September 2013

"Another Royal Shafting For Tax Paying Mugs - How Many Tens Of Thousands This Time?"

Prince Edward to attend Royal Mace 350th anniversary event

Well, it looks like a really spectacular few days, a walk in a garden, medals for camping, planting a tree, a slap up dinner, a guided tour of the royal square, and a visit to a lump of metal!!!
Cheap at double the price....But what is the price?
ISLANDERS are being invited to a special sitting of the States in the Royal Square on Tuesday which will be attended by Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex.
The event is being held to mark the 350th anniversary of the Island receiving the Royal Mace in1663 from Charles II as a reward for giving him shelter for two short periods when he needed it before he became King.
The Bailiff, Sir Michael Birt, who issued the invitation to attend Tuesday’s sitting, said: ‘This visit gives us an opportunity to express once again our loyalty to the Crown. I hope that as many Islanders as possible will turn out to extend a traditional warm Jersey welcome to our Royal Visitor.’
Prince Edward will arrive in Jersey today at 11.35 am by helicopter which will land at the Royal Jersey Showground in Trinity.
At 2.35 pm he will visit St James Awards Centre in Le Breton Lane to present gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards to Chantal Lerusse, Rebecca Ramsay, Peter Graham and Richard Taylor.
During this visit, which is not open to the public, he will also meet representatives of the On-2-Wheels project and The Prince’s Trust.
On Tuesday, at 10.20 am he is due to walk around Les Creux Allotments as part of the gardens schedule organised for him, and he will be invited to plant a tree. Children from La Moye School will be present.
Prince Edward’s public engagement takes place on Tuesday at 1.10 pm when he arrives at the States Building and is to be shown the Mace and the Proclamation of Prince Charles as King in February 1649.
At 1.35 pm, Prince Edward, the Bailiff and Lieutenant-Governor General Sir John McColl will take their place within the States Assembly in the square.
At around 1.50 pm, the Prince will start a walkabout in the square, meeting the performers, members of the Island’s cadet organisations, some of the hundreds of primary schoolchildren assembled there, and members of the public.
Prince Edward will leave the square at 2.30 pm to go to the Airport for his departure.
Islanders will be able to enter the square from Vine Street, King Street and Halkett Place.

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  1. An excercise in utter arse licking,feigning respect for the establishment Cabal......and all the little sheeple lap up the poisoned milk.