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Saturday, 28 September 2013

"A Little Something For Jersey Reform Day - 1769 to Oblivion"

"Freeman On The Land, Dean Clifford, Explains How Life Should Be"

I was about to say that Dean Clifford's speech below, is the best I have heard in a long long time, until I just listened to the speech by Jersey's Deputy Trevor Pitman made in the States earlier this week. Please follow the link to the VoiceForChildren blog directly below to hear Deputy Pitman.

That speech was from one of Jersey's leading politicians, the speech below is from one of the worlds leading Libertarians. Dean speaks a little more candidly that Trevor, but no less effectively by any account. The first minute or two is a little hard to hear as Dean is outside, but stay with it, you will love it....The juicy stuff begins inside his home at 4mins 40 secs.


  1. Great stuff Ian,what baffles me utterly and maybe one of your contributors can shed light upon,Why oh why does a major newspaper not do a full 'expose'on the corrupted society we live in,as we are now in such a hopelessly conflicted situation,that we need the U.K to rescue us,as they have just done in the Turks andCacos islands which are a crown dependency,the crooks were jailed and a Westminster team installed to get the place back to DEMOCRACY...which Gorst or any of his mates can not lay claim to as they have bastardised it and we are now needing some adults hands on the rudder,so why is it not being exposed....?

  2. There are those who do not know and they are many, I hope the brilliant,inspired and honest speech by Trevor is distributed around town as a leaflet that breaks down secrecy,in the markets, coffee shops and pubs,because it is so accurate and salient,and most people do simply not know the problem,in order to get the much needed change when those who did not know become aware they are able to change and inform their workmates and family,thus altering the opinions of those who don't want to know....and this is a must in changing society into a caring community where folks feel they belong and have rights, if Gorst does not shape up he will have to go but we can do our part simply spreading Trevor's words of truth. The truth will set us free..!!!