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Sunday, 25 August 2013

"Who Among Us Is Without Flaw"

"The Great Depression: Why Waking Up Is Such A Nightmare!"

Yes, I go on one now and again, who wouldn't with my knowledge?

I have put up with way more crap than most from our utterly corrupted government and our police force of servile sheep and gutless bullies, why should I add to that and tolerate none stop abuse from the wretched scum, Jon Sharrock Haworth?

You people don't get sent his shit every day, you try putting up with the never ending garbage and lies from this piss drenched arsehole. You try reading on the BBC Jersey, or Channel TV Facebook page that this bell end has told the world the lies that you threw a woman through some glass doors, or that you have a criminal conviction for burglary or GBH? Which none of this shit is true. See if you lot can tolerate it incessantly for three years, let alone the rest of the stuff going on in my life.

And when you are not prepared to put up with it any longer, what do you do?

Go to the Police?

The police don't take criminal complaints anymore, they're to busy writing out driving/traffic citations, the weak and corporate minded Chief Officer Mike Bowron, and his lying cheating lame arsed side kick, Barry Taylor, saw to that.

Hahaha, the police are the last ones that anyone in Jersey with half a brain goes to for help. Corrupt crooks masquerading in silly outfits trying to con the people they actually have some lawful authority over us? The police are actually the most mind controlled, brain dead sheeple on the planet, I used to think that a number of them were good guys and really cared, but hey, there is absolutely NO ORDER that they will not obey....Period. That's why the police are to blame for everything.

The police are the reason the government gets away with everything it does.

I hope that those of you with a little grey matter will take the time to read the excellent piece below by Neil Foster. When I first read it a few years ago I had no idea of the turmoil I was in for, but it was so worth it in the end. When you wake up to the life long deception that has been forced upon you from the first day of your being on this earth, then you will know what I went through, and the countless others who boarded the same ride.

It's not easy, it will make some, and it will break some, but eventually comes that moment of clarity, that one instant where everything falls into place, you have the knowledge, but no longer have the curse that accompanied the knowledge. YOU ARE FREE!!!

As an aside, swearing is no longer allowed on this blog 'after' this posting, and neither is the rancid vermin Haworth, my round little buddy Cyril, was right.

Hope you enjoy the excellent piece below :)

By Neil Foster

Over the past few years I’ve heard many people talk about the impact on their lives of ‘waking up’ to the real agenda behind the many facets of the geopolitical world we’re living in. It’s also been a regular topic on the alternative media talk shows.

That moment when the penny drops and they realise that everything they’ve ever thought they knew was a lie is a moment of complete devastation on one’s psyche and not an experience to enjoy. Waking up is traumatic and doesn’t end with that first glimpse of the hell being created around you. It’s a continuous process as you absorb more and more of the facts surrounding all major events which you thought previously were pure accident or cruel twists of fate.

Everyone it seems, has a very similar experience of this awakening and depression plays a key role in that, which is at times a struggle to control and an often recurring problem. The fact that it’s recurring is probably due, although not necessarily, to the seemingly oblivious and wilful ignorance of the general public who are still asleep when you try to impart your new found knowledge thus leaving you feeling like an outcast.

Unfortunately, as I’m sure many ‘truthers’ would agree, the time to try to impart knowledge in the hopes of helping your fellow human beings wake up, is not when it’s just happened to you. You go on a verbal rampage spilling everything out at breakneck speed with adlibs such as “how can you not see this!” or “how can you not see what I’m telling you is true?” You can clearly see you’re having no effect, but you go on.

When this doesn’t work of course, you still have the ridicule to deal with. At mind, not only to shield yourself from abuse and ridicule, but also because there’s no-one out there who understands where you’re coming from. That’s when the great depression takes hold. This can, of course, be compounded by the attitudes of those you hold dear, such as family, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends and even your own children who may ostracise you.

When a partner doesn’t get the message and continues their daily grind of getting up for work, if they have any, breakfast on the run, the rat race through a mass of similar sleeping masses of humanity, 8 hours of drudgery in a job they don’t want to be doing, followed by the rat race back home, dinner and 5 hours of television, it gets very difficult to live with them; in particular the 5 hours of mindless, brainwashing television.

As soon as it goes on you start your tirade of scepticism at every juncture with the news being excruciatingly annoying and you find yourself unable to hold back. This is where the problems really start as your partner tells you to ‘shut up’ or worse and the inevitable arguments ensue….. every day, every night until finally one argument too many causes the breakdown. Such is life you may think and if people break up because of this ‘trivial’ matter then it would have happened anyway. Not necessarily. It’s a recurring theme in the waking up process and something which can’t be just a coincidence.

This breakdown of a relationship makes another chink in your psychological protection barrier and the depression sneaks in under the radar again to take a firm hold. This can take many weeks, months or even years to combat and finally conquer. Many never manage it and tragedy has been known to follow.

Assuming you get through this difficult episode, combing the breakdown of your relationship and all that entails, you finally get to a stage where you start to piece your life back together, but again, this is a long, drawn out process which many never master completely whereby they simply fall back into a lifestyle akin to the one they had prior to waking up. The real tragedy of this is of course that if you’d never woken up in the first place, your blissful ignorance may well have kept you blissfully ignorant with your life and relationship intact.

However, getting through this stage is crucial, with those who push ahead with their own method of recovery from the many crises they’ve experienced in such a short period of time, including the loss of not only a partner but the vast majority, if not all of those people you once called friends. They have also abandoned you to live on the fringes with your ‘fantasies’.

At this point, if you’ve made it thus far, you start to become more selective in who you talk to. You find talking to the ordinary, football fan or celebrity worshipping colleague at work difficult to deal with but you try to humour them as best you can whilst slipping in the odd remark which you hope will generate a response you can expand on. This is usually a futile exercise.

But nevermind, you do find some like-minded people in a group eventually only to find that many of their views, although seemingly similar to your own, may be as diverse as those shared amongst the general public with differences of opinion within such groups ultimately destroying them, in many cases through infiltration by those who are well paid to achieve such aims (Haworth) ?.

So you again find yourself a lone voice crying in the wilderness and nobody is listening there either. Depression is again an unhappy bedfellow who can creep up on the unsuspecting ‘truther’ taking them back into a dark place where isolation can become the biggest danger to one’s sanity. If it hasn’t happened already, some will seek solace in drink or drugs or some other addiction.

This is a dangerous time when inner strength is needed to pull oneself back from the spectre of complete loneliness and isolation from everyone, including those you’ve managed to maintain some form of close relationship with despite your differences of opinion. It is possibly at this point you probably take a good hard look at your own life to examine all the facets where you could have done things differently ‘if only you’d known’ what had been going on to tamper with your perceptions of reality and how that would have influenced your past actions. Hindsight is a great notion but it doesn’t change the past. It can however change your future.

Self-analysis is a painful process and can involve some deep soul searching on those aspects of your life and subsequent actions you may or may not have taken in any given situation. You have to admit and accept mistakes were made and hurt caused to people who didn’t deserve it and at some point you have to come to an acceptance that these things can never be reversed and it’s for your conscience to deal with. This again is a difficult process that requires an admission that you’ve been less than noble and honest, not only with others, but also with yourself, at some or other time in your life.

As was mentioned recently by a caller to Alan Watt of, you must change yourself and become that better person you need to be to take the fight forward in any honest fashion. Self-examination can be a humbling event and realisations of your past misdemeanours must be accepted totally to attain a new perspective on your future self. Only then can you act with total integrity moving forward. Some would say that this is an idealistic or fanciful notion. Perhaps it is but you’ve got to start somewhere. Only then can you live with yourself honestly.

So when does the depression finally let go? I don’t know, perhaps it’s always lingering in the wings to catch you out when you’re at your most vulnerable. I’ve often dropped into it to some degree or other mainly due to the levels of apathy endemic in the general public. This leads you to question whether you’re wasting your time even trying to persuade people to look at the minimal amount of evidence to verify what you’re trying to explain them. This type of depression can express itself in a number of ways, such as frustration, anger or self-doubt or just a general feeling of apathy towards your fellow man or woman. However, this should never stop you trying.

Such feelings are normal although to carry on down that train of thought is ultimately self-destructive in that it takes away some of your own humanity towards people who you may feel are undeserving of your time and effort. Whether this is the case or not, you shouldn’t let go of the idea that somewhere there are people waiting to hear what you have to say, they just don’t know it yet until you sow that seed in their mind. You must remember at this time that they are the victims of the global agenda as much as you were prior to your own awakening.

That one person who turns to you and says those words, “you know I knew there was something wrong with that” is why we go through all this. It’s a moment when you feel on top of the world but of course this is tempered by the realisation that you’ve set someone on the same course as you’ve been on with all its inherent dangers.

However, such is life and life is precious. We can’t stop trying to get the word out because we may depress someone or fear depression ourselves because violent death at the hands of a ruling elite will be a worse fate than any form of depression.


  1. Ian, I was in tears when I read this. I firmly believe that the universe will always send you whatever you need at the moment you need it, and this posting, one of the finest you have ever done,reaffirmed my belief in that. Last night I was in such a low place, thinking I could no longer deal with what we know is going on, it all seemed so hopeless and quite honestly I was sick of speaking out to people who don't want to know because they think they live on a perfect little Island, "cared for" by officials who only want whats best for them. Reading this post makes me realise that I'm not alone in my thinking and this feeling is acceptable. So I will continue to speak out, to be defiant,to do whatever is necessary to protect my family and loved ones, and mostly to live my life the way I want to no matter what others may think. Thank you also for declaring your site as a Haworth free zone. So many times I don't comment on sites as he is always there trolling and i refuse to interact with him.He backed off after my last warning, but after yesterday he needs to remember that every dog has it's day, and this bitch will have her Sunday.How you, Rico, Stuart and Neil stand it I don't know.But it will be lovely to comment on here and interact with sensible like-minded folk without the moronic interruptions. :-) x

    1. Stick to your beliefs 'D' and follow your own heart and research hun, you and your family have come on in leaps and bounds since you all started researching the N.W.O. :)

      And don't forget Trevor & Shona Pitman (or The Pissman's as the Haworth-less scum likes to call them) on your list of bloggers taking abuse from this sick twisted fuck. Haworth has been giving the Pitman's so much grief and insults because Trevor's mother has cancer, just like the rancid pisshead to pick on an elderly woman dying of cancer, and who he hasn't even met!!!

      I have a none violent plan for Haworth that will virtually guarantee he will never set foot on the streets in daylight again. As Trevor would say "Keep The Faith" XXX :)

    2. A picture of this vindictive coward is what is needed Ian.

      If anyone can you can.

      Notice I us no name for the sick coward, as this obsessed individual is desperate for attention and probably reads your blog twice an hour. Not that he can understand much of the messages you are publishing being as thick as a plank of wood and about a sensitive.

    3. I believe that a recent anonymous contact, and an ex-friend of the "pissicus Panticus" one, is searching out a darn clear photo of the shithead from about four years ago. When it comes into my possession, it will come into the whole World's possession, and with my very own caption :)

    4. Fuck me Ian, I hope you get my best features you big ugly gormless cunt!

    5. You don't have any "Best Features" you Haworth-less piece of shit!!!

    6. And 'D'...."Let tears come when you heart tell's you of it's sadness."

  2. Yeah come and get me you dopey thick cunt.
    Fuck off Evans and take your pathetic threats with you.

    1. Roles are reversed now Haworth, I will end you you lame arsed weakling, you can't even take a few minutes of your own disgusting vile treatment, especially when a comment comes in from an honorable lady like 'D'....So long loser, it's over for you Jonny Pissy Prissy Pants :)

    2. Fuck me, we should take you deep sea fishing Jon, you bite like fuck, and VFC has just the right boat :)

    3. I thought the one armed wanker was on benefits and could not work?
      Well looks like I will be ringing the social hotline tomorrow then, thanks Ian :-)

    4. Again shithead, he has two arms, but only one hand. And why are you slagging him anyway? Last week you rang him in desperation because no other human being on the planet would converse with you or would take your call, even then, when he had the heart to listen to your shyte, you ripped into Stuart Syvret immediately?

      Just can't help your pathetic self can you? you CUNT!!!

  3. Love it, you blame the same guy over and over again, you're such a thick cunt.

    1. Hi Jane, Matt, James, Julie, Rodrigo, Sam, Captain Cunt Sneak, and any other alias's you care (Jane Care that is) to use, but it's always anonyMOUSE.

      You so desperately wanted to be an Internet Legend. I am going to be the Fairy Godmother of Internet wishes, I am going to grant you your dream....Don't be too pissed off Jon Sharrock Haworth, It's what you wanted all along, right?

      "Be careful of what you wish for, you may just get it."

  4. Ian, nobody you slag off takes you seriously.
    So get over yourself and get a life.

    1. It's all backfiring isn't it Haworth ;)

  5. 'As an aside, swearing is no longer allowed on this blog 'after' this posting, and neither is the rancid vermin Haworth, my round little buddy Cyril, was right'

    Keeping your promises as long and successfully as usual I see. He's pretty much mentioned in every one of your spittle flecked comments.

    1. Firstly shithead, as you quite correctly remark for once, "swearing is no longer allowed on this blog 'after' this posting"...."After" means 'later than' you utterly thick Cunt.

      Secondly, using some of Stuart's contemporary phrases is even beneath a wanker like you Haworth, at least try to imagine a clear and concise recollection of your own from your English classes before having to revert to Stuart's blog for guidance in answer to my superiority :)

      Your really not performing to well tonight are you Jonny? :)

  6. This is the kind of material the Establshment loves because you are threatening people with violence so well done for having your brain switched 'off' again.

    1. And what exactly will the Establishment do with it Jon? Where is the threat of violence Jon? I am simply going to show the World the face of the desperate cretin who sponsors child abuse in Jersey, that is a crime is it Jon?

      You are the paedophile sponsor Jon, and it is your fuck ugly face, along with that of Mario Lundy and Danny Wherry that will be splattered all over the Internet by the time I have finished with you vermin....Kiss my Swiss Miss shithead!

  7. Thank god Rico and Neil can hold it together without resorting to this shite.
    Get to bed Ian, have an early night.

    1. You just ripped into Neil (above) an hour ago, now he's your mate! you psychopathic pig fucker?

      You despise Rico, and he laughs at you, and now you are praising him? All anonymously of course xxx

    2. Give it your best shot Haworth-less, I am waiting.

  8. Put that one demonstrable piece together that proves everything you say is right, and everything the Jersey Bloggers say is wrong, I'm waiting shit head?

  9. You are off your rocker tonight and not everybody coming on here is called Jon.
    Work tomorrow I am off to bed.

    1. The only men, and a woman on here tonight that are not called Jon is 'D' who posted an excellent comment, and Rico and VFC who posted anonymously....And myself, who has rebutted ALL of your drunken piss! Where do you come into the fold shithead?

      "Work tomorrow I am off to bed."

      hahaha...."WORK!!!" In your dreams you fucking bone idle piece of Sponging Haworth-less Excrement!!!

  10. Guess Jon isn't a happy chappie tonight, it reads like he just took a right f^£*ing

    1. This is just a preemptive strike anon, his worst nightmares are coming thick and fast, and very soon....

  11. So swearing is no longer allowed on "The Rough Diamond's" blog AFTER this posting.

    (BTW you may have gone OTT getting the expletives out of your system in the comments section in anticipation of the embargo. Reminds me of that south park episode "Fuck,Fuck,Fuck,Fuck,.....")

    All respect to Cyril, but I feel that neither banning swearing nor banning Jonny Worthless (workless) are sustainable.

    We should avoid gratuitous bad language but it is difficult to fully discuss jersey politics, corruption and incompetence ....... never mind the systemic and systematic cover up of widespread and sometimes horrific child abuse without 'freaking' swearing.

    "Worthless" is not a well bunny and a total ban would be the most humane thing to do to help him get over his pathological astro-trolling. Worthless now has a child who will find it difficult growing up normal, and whose future may already be blighted by the cowardly stupidity of his fascist father.
    Banning would be humane but is not 100% achievable even with IP-address tagging and use of your "troll-dar" and you will inevitably inadvertently censor comments that are not from him.

    Unless you plan is a really good one, I think you may be better off doing as you have been doing, publishing some of his comments and counter commenting. Some of Jerseys shyster politicians and the establishment courted his free propaganda and they can pay the price of their association with this Jonny Goebbels-noballs. Also, while Jonny is engaged with your blog he has less time for taunting Mr. Pitman's sick mother.

    Yours is amongst the 8 or 10 quality Jersey blogs. Each has different strengths and appeals to a different readership. It is important to maintain the diversity

    I have found your blog an acquired taste and some of it a little implausible - apparent denial of climate change risks,
    chemtrails/deliberate poisoning,
    NWO etc.
    Although we disagree about aspects of your take on these things there are facets of them on which you are probably right :
    1. greenwash & political/bureaucratic hijacking of environmentalism
    2. carelessness with chemicals and ignoring risks or evidence in the interest of profit.
    3."NWO": OK, the super rich and their aligned media and politicos will use their existing power and wealth to further increase their power and wealth - to think otherwise would be naive. Class war never really ended it just evolved as society evolved.

    In 1. 2. & 3. above I paraphrase our shared opinion, hopefully without misrepresenting yours. We can agree to disagree on the finer or more extreme detail and to be fair you will be better read on "chemtreails" and "NWO" than me - I simply do not have the time, sorry.


    To put all this into plain English:
    This the thinking-white-van-man's blog - Your blog is fine (ideally with a bit less swearing and gentleness to commenters)
    Do what it says on the tin "therightofreply" -Counter Jersey cover up and misreporting.
    Keep "therightofreply" primarily on local issues - by all means say your piece on chemtrails and NWO but link to a sister blog on this to maintain clarity and simplicity of message.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. - More civilised and polite quality blogs are available, the excellent being excessively polite. It takes all sorts and part of the strength and appeal of your blog is that anything goes. You will "publish and be damned".
    The only rule is that there are no rules (except attacking the weak and Innocent)

    Would be interested in Cyril's views on this

    AnonyMOUSE :-)

  12. Like most compassionate people I feel guilt at mocking the afflicted

    It is worth reminding ourselves that is a fundamental difference between the Innocent afflicted and the criminal afflicted.

    You may decide to publish the worthless image but it is helpful to periodically review the worthless words of this cowardly bully, click on the video :

    It is the responsibility of the authorities to get Jon the help he needs and not just a blanket for him to hide under on his court appearances.

    Money is available. Christ knows {they won't tell us] what they have spent on the secret data protection case against Ex Health Minister Syvret on his behalf.

    1. from
      Obnoxious, disturbing, alarming, pathetic – and yes, perhaps even faintly funny in a tragic kind of way – the telephone call is all of those things.
      But – it is also something more significant than that.
      It is the sound of a man supremely confident of the protections and support of the Jersey authorities.
      OK, perhaps just a little too confident on this occasion. But even then – he would have got away with it had the call not been recorded – and had I not raised the matter in open court, as an attempt by him at witness harassment.
      People like Jon Haworth are protected; protected by the Jersey oligarchy.
      He has - only now – after many years of harassing and obnoxious behaviour – and after many different complaints to the police – by many different people – finally been prosecuted for this one, minor, charge.
      Haworth fully expected to - and he would have – got away with it - again – if it were not for the recording - and the fact his conduct was raised in court.
      Because when considering the behaviour of Jon Haworth, we are not – contrary to his claims in court – dealing with a one-off aberration in his conduct; a “moment of madness”. On the contrary – we are dealing with many years of similar, well-documented foul dysfunction.
      I first wrote about Jon Haworth on this blog on the 20th May 2009. That posting can be read here:
      I pieced together the true nature of Haworth’s conduct, following several different approaches from angry and worried constituents of mine, who had been – and still were in several cases – victims of Haworth’s cyber-stalking, invasions of privacy and intimidations.
      Haworth’s conduct was so disturbing that he had even made death-threats to woman who had rejected his advances. These included such speculations as wondering “what caustic soda will do” to a woman’s face.
      Jon Haworth’s brother is an ex-police officer – one who was sacked by Lenny Harper for corruptly misappropriating tax-payer funded Police Service IT equipment.

    2. Why does Haworth mention Data Protection on the audio clip ?

      Why does he say "WE" ?

      Why was he given police chaperones to shepard him to court? I suspect that he was not under arrest at the time

      Why was he so chummy with these police officers?

      BTW Would "corruptly misappropriating tax-payer funded Police Service IT equipment" be a euphemism for STEALING POLICE COMPUTERS ?????

      Thieves should not be allowed to join the police and nor should fascists.

  13. What a family!

  14. One of the tactics used to derail a competent and useful entity like the rightofreply blog and obviously other local blogs that are not afraid to criticise the States, is to try and chuck in phoney trails, red herrings in fact anything that takes sensible and considered views into the forest of confusion.

    I agree with the above writer, this blog is an acquired taste, but one that has to be viewed each and every day.

    I hope you keep it that way, and are not side-tracked by individuals who have just one purpose, to take you of subject and off focus and your interesting blog into oblivion.

  15. Ian. I didn't mention Trevor and Shona as I feel deeply for them and could not bring myself to put them in the same sentence as the troll's name.I have never seen such a personal vendetta against two people as we have witnessed. Luckily the comments posted on the moron's blog are written mainly by himself so we shouldn't have to worry about many people reading it. After seeing the comments on here earlier, I reread Stuarts blog from May 2009. So interesting to see that in those days the troll was slated by a politician from our neighbouring isle for racism against the Polish community and yet it appears that he married a Polish girl!! It will be wonderful if you can publish a photo of him as I'm sure there are many of us who would love to stop and have a word if we see him in the street. Sad to see such a deranged individual encouraged by some people who should know better ie "The spiv", but that's not really surprising is it?

  16. This is hilarious. All i hear about is this John Sharrock Haw-Haw Haworth-less (lol). He's obviously been at that 'troll juice' for quite some time to have sunken to such lows as insulting people that are in an ill state.

    Maybe he needs to sober up a bit and see just how many good people he's trying to annoy, people who are making a real effort to help Islanders live in a more transparent and honest society. Clearly there are cover ups and stuff, and any intelligent Islander would want to know about what really goes on in their Island. Anyone who is against such truths being revealed needs to re examine their thinking IMO.