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Saturday, 17 August 2013

"Say Goodbye To Your Children - You May Never See Them Again!!!"

"Globalist Scum Move To Finish Off Your Children In Their Name, And Profit"

New World Order cunt, and heretic, Henry Kissinger

The song below is for my best mates son, Danny Winter, his story is in the labels section below, under Danny Winter. God bless you Carolyn, thinking of you always pal xxx

The link below (in blue) is the real story here, in between, is some horseshit from Barrack Obama, and some common sense from Frank Willis.

"Thanks to the extraordinary service of our men and women in uniform, we’re winding down a decade of war; we’re destroying the terrorist network that attacked us; we’re strengthening the alliances that extend our values. And today, every American can be proud that the United States is safer and stronger and more respected in the world."

"There are cut backs because the governments here, and in America, say we are in austere times. They've been cutting back on the military over the last 20 years. Now they want to bring back National Service. Conscription, the draft, yes, in America too. Notice it's a Private Members Bill? Who benefits financially? rothschild's go fuck yourself with the queen."

My thanks to Neil Shepherd for the link below, nice one fella :)

"Between giving up and making bombs, must lie many paths"


  1. In case any of the worlds populace hadn't cottoned on yet, this is in preparation for the final World War III....JUST SAY NO!!!

  2. I shall rephrase, tell these cunts to go fuck themselves, tell them to go fight their own fucking wars of commerce and depopulation!!!