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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

"Medomsley Heroes Still Fighting For Justice" Part 4

Detention centre paedophile ring inquiry: Second rape victim speaks of systematic torture in borstal

He said his humiliation included being bound by the neck and being photographed as he was routinely attacked

Victim: Kevin Young
And Kevin Young, now 53, says he reported the sex attacks but was ignored.
Kevin said: “The treatment we received was nothing short of torture in its truest form.
"A uniformed person while in charge of others carrying out acts of degrading physical and mental torture.”
Kevin said his humiliation included being bound by the neck and being photographed as he was routinely attacked.
The Mirror yesterday revealed how his and other claims of violent paedophile prison officers raping young boys at the Medomsley Detention Centre are under investigation after an alleged cover-up.
After pushing for an inquiry for 20 years, Kevin welcomed the police’s new probe but was wary because his complaints were rejected.
He was sent to the County Durham detention centre in 1977 aged 17 after being caught with a stolen watch.
He said: “The judge said he was sending me to Medomsley where my character would be improved.
"I would come out a better, stronger, law-abiding citizen. Within days of arriving I was being seriously raped and assaulted.
“I was put into a sick bay where I was locked up and my neck ligatured. It was three months of absolute hell.”
“This was torture day in day out. The victims are being silenced. People have been left so shredded there is nothing left.
“They are just shadows, nothing more.”
Police fear hundreds of young men were assaulted at the centre in the 70s and 80s.
At least four other prison officers were involved, along with individuals outside the centre, they suspect.
Kevin said he suffered at the hands of seven abusers, including prison officer Neville Husband who was jailed for 12 years for the mass rape of boys in his care.

Scum: Neville Husband
Originally from South Shields but now living in York, Kevin was released in June 1977, the day before his 18th birthday.
He ran straight from the home to Consett Police Station station but says he was threatened with arrest for making his allegations of being strangled, bound and raped every day by a ring of officers.
A police officer is believed to have covered-up the complaint after Kevin’s paperwork was destroyed.
Waiving his right to anonymity yesterday, Kevin said: “I didn’t want to be referred to as Mr A or Mr B. I’m Kevin Young.
"This is what went on and it was covered up.”
East Kilbride MP Michael McCann has pushed for the case to be re-opened after his constituent John McCabe, who said he was raped by Husband, told him how his bid for justice hit a dead end.
Mr McCann said: “We both know young men attempted to report abuse 30 years ago but were let down by the authorities.
“That will not happen this time.”

Victim: John McCabe
Only Husband and storeman Lesley Johnson were jailed for abuse. Both men are now dead.
The authorities believe many more attackers remain at large.
Around 26 victims are thought to have come forward.
Some have already been awarded damages without an apology by the Ministry of Justice.
Mr McCabe said: “I urge others to come forward and help police build a case. Please don’t suffer in silence.”
Det Supt Paul Goundry, in charge of Durham Police child protection, said: “Every avenue will be explored and we’ll do our utmost to bring perpetrators to justice.
"If there were officers who ignored evidence at Medomsley then they will be traced and investigated too.
“You’ll be dealt with sensitively by a trained professional.”
Anyone with information should contact Durham Police about the investigation on 101.



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    1. Just can't help yourself can you JON SHARROCK HAWORTH? I write all this guff, as you put it, because a very good friend of mine "got fucked up the arse" along with many other defenceless children over a long period of time up at Medomsley and Witherwack!!!

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  7. another anonymusAugust 21, 2013 8:51 am

    Well done Ian for standing up for the truth, which is something you believe in. It takes courage and guts to do that in this 'politically correct' climate.

    I wouldn't let the trolls get to you mate, you're bound to run into them when attempting to shine a light on honest facts.

  8. Ian.

    “A police officer is believed to have covered-up the complaint after Kevin’s paperwork was destroyed.”

    Reminds me of the SWORN AFFIDAVIT of Lenny Harper (Senior Investigating Officer Jersey Child Abuse Invetigation) where he wrote;

    “A second officer came to see me and informed me that a year before he had submitted a report to the Head of CID, CI **** **** in which he had requested that a historic abuse enquiry should be launched into the former care home at Haut de la Garenne. This was in response to the large number of allegations which had been made to him by former residents that they had been abused whilst in the home. The report was submitted to who was the officer who had prevented **** **** from being interviewed as mentioned earlier but nothing had ever materialised and he had heard nothing. Eventually an enquiry was carried out by South Yorkshire Police into the allegations against the Head of CID but it was still pending when I retired”.(END)

    The officer in question actually ended up being promoted, under the leadership of Mike Bowron shortly before he (the officer) retired!

    Good luck to Kevin Young and all Medomsley Heroes, they deserve justice.

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