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Sunday, 18 August 2013

"Medomsley Heroes Still Fighting For Justice" Part 2

Investigation into former youth detention centre

Detectives have launched a new investigation into a former youth detention centre in County Durham amid allegations that hundreds of young inmates may have been systematically abused there in the 1970s and 80s.
Brave John McCabe victim of Neville Husband

Durham Police: "Those who carried out the abuse preyed on vulnerable young people"

The police have promised to put victims at the heart of their investigation and said they believe there are still victims who have yet to come forward.
"The investigation will put victims at the heart of the inquiry but at the same time we would like to hear from anyone who has new information about Medomsley and any abuse that occurred either inside, or when inmates were taken off-site.
"Those who carried out the abuse preyed on some very vulnerable young people and left many of them with mental scars, which have lasted a lifetime.
"While we contacted and took statements from a number of victims as part of this investigation, we believe there are others who for whatever reason have never come forward.
"It is those people we are now asking to contact us and pass on any information about what took place during their time at Medomsley, whether it happened at the centre or elsewhere."

Former youth detention centre abuse probe opens

An investigation into historic sexual abuse at a detention centre in County Durham has opened after allegations were made by a man who claims he was raped every day for four months.
John McCabe, who spent time at Medomsley Detention Centre, said he was sexually abused by prison officer Neville Husband at the institution.
Husband was previously jailed for abusing inmates at the centre and died in 2009 after his release.
Mr McCabe said that the abuse took place 30 years ago when Husband recruited him to work in the kitchen and that he also took him out of Medomsley where he was raped by another man.
"He came up behind me and put a knife at my throat. From that moment on he raped me, sexually abused me, sexually tortured me.
"It went on for about four or five months into my sentence."


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