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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

"Lawless Jersey Police - Still Making It Up As They Go Along - Just Like The J.E.P"

Men arrested after jumping from

Condor ferry

The men jumped as the boat entered the Harbour

TWO Islanders were arrested after jumping off a passenger ferry into the Harbour in an allegedly drunken incident on Friday night.
The men, aged 19 and 35, jumped into the sea from the Condor Rapide ferry, which had travelled from St Malo, while it was docked at Elizabeth Harbour ferry terminal.
Captain Fran Collins, from Condor Ferries’ ports and guest services division, said that the men acted ‘extremely irresponsibly’ and put both themselves and other passengers in danger.
"But What Really Happened?"
The Jersey Evening Post reported that "the men jumped as the boat entered the harbour". Then a few lines later state "While it was docked at Elizabeth Harbour". Well, which is it? It cannot have been both!
They also describe this monumental event as "an allegedly drunken incident" yet they do not explain how their, err....reporter, came to such a conclusion. It is quite clear from the deducible facts that the J.E.P were simply spoon fed this utter lie from the Jersey Police, and without the slightest speck of investigative journalism, they plastered it all over their filthy rag for sensationalism!
I can "CONFIRM" that neither of the two men were drunk!
When they exited the water they were arrested for the charge of being 'drunk and disorderly' yet how did the police deduce this fact?

Yup, that's right, they invented the charge simply as a means to make an arrest. The police know that there is no law (statutory or otherwise) against jumping off a boat, so they just conjure a charge up out of thin air and make the arrest.
If this is the case, how do we prove it? That is easy also, the youngest of the two men immediately refuted the charge and offered himself up for a alcohol breath test there and then....The police declined his kind offer!!!
The young man was then subjected to the process of a Parish Hall Inquiry which he attended last Tuesday. The person chairing the inquiry asked how he pleaded? The young man pleaded not guilty. He was then threatened with a court appearance if he did not accept the will of the Parish Hall inquiry, he maintained his stance of not guilty to the charge of drunk and disorderly as he hadn't been drinking. The Parish Hall inquiry then caved in.

The Centenier, after being told by the accused that he had offered himself up to the police and customs for a breathalizer, said that there was no record of him doing so! Have the police doctored his interview tapes? Just like both the Royal Court and the Magistrates Court doctor their recordings?

He has now been summoned to court to face the charge of drunk and disorderly when he had already done everything to prove he was not drunk? This is always the tactic of the police, conceal the real truth so the Centeniers automatically refer cases to the strict liability court system.  This one is going to be fun :)

So the police have failed, yet again, to offer up all the evidence to the Centenier, just as they did in the case of Maria Le Fustec who witnessed several young lads being battered by our cowardly Jersey policemen. The link is below.
Are people now at last beginning to understand just how corrupted, bent and buckled this vile system is? These people are nothing but criminals.
And what of the bent cops who invented the false charges, and failed in their duty to breathalyze the accused at the scene?
I'll tell you what happened to these criminals....NOTHING!!!
They are simply free to carry on inventing other charges in any other case that they deem it necessary to lie in order to attain a conviction.

Is it any wonder they are referred to as PIGS!!!

Now that Chief Officer Bowron knows the truth of this matter, I have just one question for him,

"What Is He Going To Do About It?"


  1. Ok the guys may have been Jackasses but that does not make them criminals.

    The part that surprises most people I would think is that they were accused of being drunk. How does that work when you are sober and are prepared to prove it ? At least one of them was.

    Still if they guys could not swim well or hit something on the way down would you have just left them drown Ian ? after all they are all grown up and it was their choice, why endanger rescuers ?

  2. Well if they were arrested for being drunk and disorderly and they were not drunk then that is wrongful arrest and they should make a civil claim to the Royal Court. Simple.

  3. If the guys that jumped could not swim, would they of jumped, I don't think so. Unless they were drunk.

    Foolish yes. It could of been reported as possible suicide attempt to rescue services.