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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


"Aerosol Crimes by Clifford Carnicom"


We the people have not been warned, advised or consulted but are certainly vulnerable to the outcomes.

Biologic components have been reported in airborne samples that include: modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of bacteria.

Additionally, award winning investigative reporter, Will Thomas, has reported findings of over 300 types of virally mutated fungi in the chemtrail fallout. The Idaho Observer has reported findings of 26 metals including barium, aluminum and uranium, a variety of infectious pathogens and chemicals and drugs including sedatives in this fallout.

Dr.R. Michael Castle reports the finding of cationic polymer fibers.

Dr Hildegarde Staninger and Dr. Rahim Karjoom have reported findings of tiny parasitic nematode eggs of some type encased in the fibers.

Additionally, Drs. Staninger and Karjoom have reported findings of self-replicating nano-machines and rivers of silicon running wild through the bodies of the Morgellons infected.

Researcher Clifford Carnicom has reported finding chemtrails fibers that are an exact match with the bizarre fibers found in those suffering from Morgellons Disease.

Welcome to the brave new world of toxic skies, weather control, mind control and population control through the use of chemtrails modulated with electromagnetic frequencies generated by HAARP.
_____ - Visit the Ocular Stream's political section, for dozens of hard-hitting documentaries and films, all packed with physical evidence and sworn testimony.

“The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate.”

Dr Wayne Dyer


  1. Sorry Ian. I am still a non believer. There is pollution and carelessness and cherry picked / fraudulent information by pharmaceutical corporations .... but this is IMO even less plausible than religion or astrology.

    On the Internet there is too much information and counter information for a whole 100k island of brains to take in a lifetime. What people read gets subjected to a sort of triage. Subjects (or entire sites where they appear) can all too easily get filed in the bin with alien abduction.

    Implausible stuff like this on the same blog as well evidenced UK and Jersey corruption and child abuse cover up causes "implausibility contamination"

    You are one clever chap and it's your blog so it's your rules, but I hope you take this on board and separate your main subject areas onto linked blogs.
    VFC runs linked blogs even though he probably does not need to because they are all plausibly evidence based.

    All respect for the time and effort you put in and the quality of some of your work and the fact you have "a pair to be proud of" :-)

    Over 770000 page views. You are doing something right -but it could be even better.

    1. And what evidence do you base your non-believer status on?

      I would be very interested to know what research you have looked at to bring you to the conclusion there is no spraying going on?

      We haven't seen a blue sky for years, tree's and plants are dying off at a horrific rate.

      There is an autism, asthma and Alzheimer's epidemic world wide.

      There will be no bee's left soon. Fish and birds are dying like there is no tomorrow.

      Why is dried blood found in the specimens being taken world wide by independent scientists, why are fibres being constantly found in the atmosphere, the very same ones found in Morgellons which the worlds authorities refuse to look into?

      UVA has increased, UVB is at 70% penetration compared to the usual 5 or 6% it was, and for the first time, that we are aware of in the earths history, UVC is now getting to the ground. NOTHING LIVING WILL SURVIVE UVC!!!

      And to top it all, what on God's Earth do you think all those stripes in the sky are? Aviation fuel hasn't changed, so obviously something else other than burned off kerosene is coming out of those planes.

      Common sense tells us that something not right is going on mate, time to wake up I think....

    2. Just been out. It is a blue sky today

      Not a "chemtrail" in the sky (except a small one over Guernsey [lol] that is dissipating quickly)

      They know you are on to them Ian, mate !
      Or have they switched to using invisible particulates?

      But seriously, I have left a serious response to your questions onto the main thread.

      Respect as ever.

    3. They have started spraying a lot more at night, that's for sure. They know now that the people are beginning to look upwards in the daytime.

      And there was no blue sky today, there was, and still is now, a very silvery sky with a bluish tinge.

      I am of the opinion that the author of these comments is none other than Farmer Palmer! Am I right?

    4. And by the way, all those whitish wisps in the sky are NOT clouds, you know enough about clouds to know that!

    5. Hi Ian, "Farmer Palmer" No I have been called many things but not that.

      No I am not Nick Palmer if that is who you are referring to - why call him farmer? - I do hope you are being nice.

      Nick Palmer is a clever chap IMO and his are amongst the opinions that you should give serious consideration to.

      Never could understand his confidence in "cold fusion" though - always seemed too good to be true.

      I imagine that Nick Palmer would post under his own name, whereas I prefer to be "AnonaMOUSE"

      I looked at the sky earlier - it was blue, quite a good blue blending to a murky haze over Guernsey (no real offence intended -Actually I am thinking of emigrating to Guernsey because Jersey Shysters have brought such shame upon islanders)

      To the SW it was a beautiful clear blue. I asked myself "was it bluer when I was a child?" No, that was a good blue and even if skies had seemed bluer when I was a child; would that be memory or the clarity youthful vision before time took it's toll ?

      The sky has turned decidedly wispy now. perhaps it is cooling in late afternoon or perhaps we are being quietly "terminated" now that the cat is out of the bag :-)

    6. Of course your not Farmer Palmer, how silly of me, forgive me Nick but your comments and phrases are remarkably similar to those on the series Cyril did on global warming.

      They are the usual length and cover the same ground, and with the same grammatical traits, funny that, don't you think?

    7. Thanks Ian, apology accepted and no offence taken. Not by me anyways.
      Whether "Farmer Nick" forgives you is down to him.

      Call me Nick if that makes you happy, I am not here to fight.

      Wouldn't you prefer to call me Lianne ?

      Can you give me links to Cyril's global warming series as I would like to find out what Nick's usual length is.

  2. Triage for dummies

    You should not stake your life on the absolute accuracy of all information in wikipedia but it is mostly a pretty reliable, open source and usually peer reviewed on major subjects. It is a vulnerable but democratised source of information which is probably more reliable than most governments or commercial media organisations. (albeit that wiki has been known to accept JEP articles as a statement of fact LOL)
    "Contrails vs chemtrails" basic science not rocket science.

    Perhaps wikipedia is part of the conspiracy. But if so why do they publish stuff like this:

    Shocking and well documented.

    Another triage technique is to evaluate theories in terms of their cost vs benefit to the alleged perpetrators
    We should keep an open mind but some suggestions stay firmly in the unlikely or unsubstantiated pile.

    Viva the Rough Diamond. Sometimes an unhoned crystal, sometimes a lump of coal
    ..... but always with hard graphite in his pencil :-P

    1. Anon, I don't take any info from Wikipedia as it is a government obliged channel.

    2. Hi Ian, thanks for publishing.
      "Wikipedia as it is a government obliged channel"
      True, nothing can get as big and as widely used as Wikipedia without governments and agencies and PR whores getting involved. You could say the same of the internet - all information is vulnerable to contamination and steering.

      I am not an expert on wiki but I would compare it to an organic organism with an immune system of honest contributors engaged in an unending defence against contamination by purveyors of soiled information.
      Ultimately it is largely a source of "convectional wisdom" because even the honest contributors are educated by the convectional wisdom which they are inclined to repeat.

      This world is well populated with nutters. Religious nutters, scientific nutters, pseudo-scientific nutters, complete nutters ....... right through to I-don't-believe-it-myself-nutters who earn a living from spouting what they know to be tripe.
      So in this ocean of uncontrolled information we are we are set adrift and lost unless we find reasonably fixed sources to anchor our thoughts to.
      I would suggest that wiki is a good starting point for most things but that it is important to use several sources to more robustly anchor our philosophy.

      The difficulty of selecting these "anchor points" is deciding if they are fixed and reliable or do they just seem to be just because they are so big when they are actually also adrift on unseen tides. There was a time when conventional wisdom dictated that government was on the side of "good" but this is now largely seen as naive. For it's faults wiki is a resource which is seems to be dominated by a million experts in many legions of subjects.

      Government is not all bad but mountains of information (including above) demonstrate that it is certainly not all good. Of course these fascists would probably claim that they did it (and are still doing it?) for the "grater good" and who knows at times of war, or even cold war, perhaps this position could be defended. Personally I don't think that innocents should be sacrificed so lightly.

      IMO Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory, whereas child abuse and involvement in it (to varying extents) by politicians, intelligence agencies and media groups is a well documented reality. Any thinking person would be hard pressed to explain the level and extent of cover ups in the British Islands and elsewhere. These cover ups are well on their way to unravelling but we will never realistically get to the bottom of most of them because of the power interests involved.

      Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps Chemtrails and instantly curable cancer are the reality and child sex abuse and political corruption are conspiracy theories ? - Do you see why I think that you should separate your local political work from your other work.

      The "conspiracy theory" content on the same blog risks undermining the credibility of the valuable work you do and by association enables detractors to ridicule the other blogs.

      You have every right to disseminate your beliefs in what I happen to believe are conspiracy theories but would you consider doing this on a separate blog ?

      Granted, some conspiracy theories turn out to be facts.

  3. There have been vapour trails ever since there have been aircraft operating at high altitude - since pre WW2 - whatd'youknow now there are more aircraft at higher altitude. Simple physics where the temperature at high altitude is -20 to -50 C

    What a selection of occurrences you blame on vapour trails: bees, fish autism, epidemics asthma and Alzheimer's.

    All occurrences which are to some extent true. But try: changed agricultural practises and chemicals, industrial pollution, excessive household chemicals and cleaning (unchallenged and confused immune systems) and excessive processed material in our homes and diets. Alzheimer's and cancer were rarer mainly because people did not live long enough to so regularly suffer from age related diseases. People eating crap and choosing clean looking foodstuffs like white flour in preference to the dirty looking alternatives

    Applying "triage for dummies" : Who is going to inherit this dead earth aledgedly resulting from these "Chemtrails" ?
    They should be easy to spot walking around in plastic bags to avoid their own poisons
    Or do they have more cunning and less obvious protection ?

    How can you have such confidence in deliberate mass poisoning , not just genocide but biosphere-ocide and yet dismiss unintentional man made climate change as a hoax ?

    There is enough real stuff to fight in this world without fighting shadows.

    Can I prove that we are not being deliberately poisoned? - of course I can't
    Perhaps I should wake up or perhaps you should sleep on it.

    Cults, be they religious or otherwise most often take in the more intelligent members of society because those are the ones whose minds most desperately seek answers. Sometimes we are sheep, sometimes we are pathfiniders.

    We are adrift on a sea of information and near unanswerable questions, unknowable answers. We choose our anchor points and occasionally reposition our anchors. We climb on to rocks looking for perspective and balance.

    For some it is worse. Portions of the island still cling to the JEP as their "rock" of reliability .......... "here be monsters", as the old maps say

    1. I've got an idea, as aluminum is able to pass the blood brain barrier, why don't you cut off a few half inch clumps of hair from the back of your neck and send them off for a heavy metal analysis, let us know what comes back, you just might be shocked!!!

    2. Sorry Ian, I don't have inches of hair on the back of my neck. I have only the usual thin body hair there, can I use some off my head - or even my pubes?

      Can I say "pubes" on your new polite site ? :-)

      As for Aluminium, my recollection was that is one of the most plentiful mineral constituents of the planet. Just to check my "facts" I did a wiki:
      "Aluminium is the third most abundant element (after oxygen and silicon), and the most abundant metal, in the Earth's crust. It makes up about 8% by weight of the Earth's solid surface" [in compounds rather than in it's metallic, elemental form]
      So aluminium can get into me from a whole bunch of paths, including acidified rain which increases it's solubility in drinking water [if I remember correctly] ...... and gnawing on pans etc etc etc

      And sorry to "split hairs" but how is the "heavy metal analysis" of my hair (curly or straight) going to quantify my aluminium uptake?

      I do not want excessive aluminium in my body it is linked (but not conclusively as far as I know) to ...whatsit ..... that memory diseases ...... you know ....... thingy .......... Alzheimer's ...... that was it!

    3. And yes aluminium is the most abundant metal on the face of the planet, but it stays ON the planet, for the very most part, it doesn't go walkies into the atmosphere!

      Fire fighters all over the planet, when dealing with forest or brush fires, have reported over the last ten years, a massive intensity in the heat and speed with which these fires move. As I am sure you know Nick, aluminium burns as fierce as THE TROLLS breath....

    4. Think I'll change "breath" to "hatred" :)

    5. "Now I know it's you" Really? consider this. Up until Dx's comment (August 28, 2013 7:04 PM) it was only me any you commenting on this thread
      RE. "..... but always with hard graphite in his pencil :-P"

      Does Nick indulge in online flirtation ? mock or otherwise?
      He never struck me as the type -but perhaps he is a dark horse with the hots for you. That will make your eyes bulge LOL -ouch!
      Forgive my amusement.

      Perhaps we should meet -you already have my email address

      Controrary to rumour Lianne is not Nick or Nickerless

      The reason why aluminium can be made to burn fiercely (if the temperature is high enough) is because it is so reactive in its metallic form. The shiny metallic form quickly corrodes to a largely non-reactive oxide. metallic particulates (or whatever) sprayed from aircraft would quickly corrode to nothing but oxide so a forest fire would need tonnes of it sprayed freshly sprayed to make even the slightest difference.
      On the other hand, climate change and a particularly hot dry spell would certainly increase the intensity and frequency of forest fires - don't you think?

      Sorry to hear that you and Nick do not like each other. It is a shame but I can see how that would happen as you both seem quite uncompromising individuals. Uncompromising is a flaw that I share, but I am aware of it and try not to let it damage my relationships.

      Call me a troll. I don't care. I am not here to fight.
      Is fascinating to be compared to Nick P but I am not he. Have been accused of being Syvret at the this-is-troll-zoo but I do not have his balls either,

      Lianne DT
      Please don't put a smiley after hatred Ian.

    6. "Perhaps we should meet?"

      That would be fun :) Please sent me your landline number immediately in a comment marked "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" I will ring you back immediately, anonyMOUSELY of course :)

    7. Well???

      You wanted to meet? silence again I see, Grow a pair Nick....

    8. Sorry been busy.

      That's a crap song Ian IMO

      Do you give me your word to respect my privacy and not to communicate my details to anyone ?


    9. I have never ever shared anyone's private message with ANYONE....You have to ask?

  4. This was an interesting post on two levels Ian.I believe chemtrails to be real, I've seen enough evidence without cherrypicking to convince me. Think back to when we were kids, laying on the beach making shapes out of cloud formations which are totally different nowadays.Anon.4.04pm above raises some valid points with regard to the chemical and pesticide use that is accepted by many these days, which I agree must contribute to the increase of cancer today. We didn't see cancer in children or animals years ago on the scale that we see nowadays. I agree with anon that people are trying too hard to live a sterile life and that in itself causes huge issues with resistance to disease. But with regard to cancers in animals, people all over the island routinely treat their cats and dogs with a neonicitinoid every month, to "prevent" them getting fleas and worms. Do they realise what they are doing? These treated animals roam through gardens, smallholdings etc,shedding hair coated with these substances, and we have no idea of the damage this may be doing to us all as the corporation making this product wasn't required by law to test it's enviromental impact. It all boils back to the corporations and it disgusts me.
    On a lighter note, the second point I wanted to make was I can see where some commentors are coming from when they say about splitting your posts as some are so different.But I love the fact that I never know what to expect when I open this page each day and I love the variety of the posts. If these were to be split between two blogs, I don't see how you would find the time to do anything else :-)

    1. 'D' I also agree with some of Nick's points even though he is still pretending it is not him, just like the unmentionable one does, but that is the Jersey mentality I'm afraid. Indeed, when Nick is not defending the Green Movement with his life and soul, he can achieve some quite reasonable presentations at times, he rather prefers to shadow his obvious knowledge with crackerbarrel nonsense rather than put his studies to efficient use, what a waste. From my past chemtrail exploits, you will notice that Nick refuses point blank to tell us what these stripes in the sky are? In Cyril's trilogy, which he makes reference to on this blog posting, he also refused to inform us of just what these stripes are. He stated they were not contrails, he forced upon us the fact that chemtrails don't exist, so I asked him what in the hell they were, the answer was the usual one....SILENCE!

    2. And 'D'

      Nick, and a rather large number of others in Jersey would love me to split my posts on Law, GeoEngineering, N.W.O. etc etc etc, onto another blog....Do you know why? Far to much readership for their comfort zone on this blog....Sorry Nick, the unmentionable one, and the States of Jersey, but no deal :)

    3. Like I said; it's your blog so it's your rules.

      What do your fellow bloggers think about you splitting abuse/coruption/polotics&law from the other areas ?

      Yes, keeping your fab hit rate up is important. I had thought about that which is why I suggested "linking" from this which would be your main blog.
      therightofreply would still be the 'go to' blog sometimes you would not have done a main site posting but just a snippet with a link to your other blog. A bit like VFC does with his blast-from-the-past reminders e.g.

      You still get to say your piece, maybe even get two hits for the price of one but this would allow many of your readers a psychological separation of subjects which would enable many more of your readers to love therightofreply more unconditionally imo.

      Think about it.
      & give us more hilarious graphics when you can :-)

  5. "Nephophobia" is the fear of clouds. Let us hope that it is fairly harmless to most suffers.

    I was so disappointed not to be able to find a term for for "fear of bloggers" as the Jersey authorities desperately need this condition to be recognised so they can be treated.

    Many jersey people are still in denial of their "Alethephobia" fear of truth
    They desperately self medicate variously with alcohol, religion, like minded company and unquestioningly swallowing the heavily edited and cleansed stories in their safe TPTB run media.
    I know that I should not mock the afflicted and it is sad and cruel, but it is so v v funny

  6. Hello Ian,
    I have tried to put this in as WordPress but its not allowing it so I have chosen anonymous as a selection on the drop down menu.My name is Brian from bjacoaching.
    I just read your blog here and see that it all got a little heated so this is just to say that in my opinion any one that hides or lurkers to stay anonymous should never be taken seriously.
    You are doing a great job by getting the word out there about many things but my interest is in the chem-trails that are being sprayed 24/7.
    You do not need to be educated clever or do any research to know the truth about what is happening right in front of our very eyes.
    Providing you are able to have reasonable sight in one or both eyes then the truth can clearly be seen by on lookers each and every day.
    So I just want to point out the obvious here for those that are in any doubt about what is happening each and ever day.... First of all look into the sky and see if you can spot any planes leaving trails or lines and if these white trails are not disappearing but in fact are spreading sideways and gaining in width then its a chem trail or a persistent con trail as the media would want you to believe..... Are other jets doing the same near by?...if so they are also spraying the sky to make a blanket of cover.
    If its a bright day and some blue sky becomes visible then the chances are they will be along to spray and cover up the blue before the end of the day.Occasionally the powers that be allow us to have a few days without spraying but rest assured after 3 or 4 days
    (if were lucky) they will make up the lost days by spreading the toxins on a revenge mission and will give us yet another blanket of cover to block out the sun and poison us some more.
    Channel TV reported just a few months ago that the cancer rate in Guernsey was the highest in Europe followed by Jersey.
    As I type this up now the chem trail blanket has started to break up but I suspect they will be out in force again soon to cover up the blue sky I am seeing at the moment. Also I have started to notice that the roof tops of houses near by are starting to glisten in the early mornings as if its frosty.Its not cold enough to be a frost so what is in the rain or dew to make it shinny?....could it be the reflective aluminum/Barium or Sotium?..The point is THEY ARE SPRAYING! Its so obvious and clear what is not clear is WHY HAS THE MEDIA NOT REPORTED IT? WHY IS IT A TABBOO SUBJECT?
    The truth will come out soon or part of it and its up to people like us to make a fuss and demand that it either stops or give us the facts about this dreadful programme that's being forced upon us without any explanation.You may well find some grammatical errors in this post but I don't care as long as it gets my message out there!
    Regards to all.

    1. Good one Brian, it's about time a few brave souls started making some noise, thanks mate.

  7. Hi Brian @12:39,
    " my opinion any one that hides or lurkers to stay anonymous should never be taken seriously."

    Okay, that's your opinion but unfortunately in Jersey there are good reasons for comenters and activists to stay anonymous.

    High profile people get targeted big-time, see :

    Also there is the Jersey-death-threat-troll & associates about to hassle the small people if the authorities cannot be bothered to spend (taxpayer's) money pursuing them. The Jersey-death-threat-troll introduces himself on the video here :

    I don't want to be hassled by this halfwit fascist -and besides I have children to protect.

    Also -I have actually given Ian my ID to Ian just to prove that I am not "Farmer Palmer/NickP", so your suggestion that anonymous comments are somehow less valid than yours seems rather sanctimonious.

    Back to "chemtrails", IMO no, you don't have to be a 'rocket scientist', it just requires a little critical thought to see that these theories of blanket genocide and mass poisoning make no sense in terms of logic, motivation, morality, practicality ....... or anything else.

    Of course I can't prove that "they" have not adapted all the world's aircraft to spray millions of tonnes of poison on us in a conspiracy involving tens of thousands of aircraft maintenance engineers etc. All of whom are seemingly prepared to sacrifice their own morals as well as families and friends to this genocide. And to what end, pray?
    If "they" were planning to wipe us out or otherwise target us, don't you think that "they" would use a cheaper method? Ian's notions about vaccinations being an evil plot are almost as crazy but at least are plausible in terms of the cost and the number of people required to be 'in on' the conspiracy
    IMO we can't trust Big Pharma, but this is because is out to make profit, not because they are conspiring to wipe out there customers.
    My concern is that this all detracts from Ian's great work on child protection and Jersey corruption.

    Yes, it does help to be a 'rocket scientist' to even begin to understand the variety of atmospheric conditions and dynamics which lead to all the many cloud forms and the existence and development-or otherwise of vapour trails which can 'seed' and sheer into a cirrus [cloud] layer.

    RE. Nephophobia. "You do not need to be educated clever or do any research to know the truth" ....... but I think you will find it helps, especially if you are inclined to base your opinion on phenomena like "dew" errrrr..... "glistening".

    QED -well almost.

    1. " Ian's notions about vaccinations being an evil plot are almost as crazy."

      Are you really that thick you are not aware of what mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde....etc etc does to the body???

    2. Hi Ian,

      Charmed as always.

      "mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde"
      in which vaccines and in what quantities. Credible proof or evidence please.

      Oh yes, and for what evil purpose ?

      You are intelligent enough to know that the scourge of smallpox has been wiped off the planet (except in a few labs, including evil military ones)

      Or was smallpox a hoax ?

      QED -well almost.

    3. "Charmed as always" Obviously not or you wouldn't be questioning matters, you would have already done the research on the video's and links to documents that I have published.

      "in which vaccines" ALL of them that I am aware of, vaccines NEED adjuvants, Google adjuvants.

      Smallpox is still alive and kicking, it has not been wiped off the face of the earth, it is making a comeback because it is contained in vaccines and people carry the disease because they were vaccinated.

      Take the Spanish Flu for example, the only people who contracted it where those immunised against it. It's all in the history books, go do the research please.


    4. No Ian, charmed by your "shock jock" style. It's what we come here for :-)

      I have just done some research in the history books. Spanish Flu reputedly killed 50-100 million people worldwide in 1918-1919.

      Were they really doing flu immunisations back then ?

      Why were they killing so many people then needed for their armies in WW1 ?

      Yes adjuvants. There are various adjuvants and lots of agents used in science and medicine if it works it works.
      The quantities Ian ? and errrrrrr....... WHY ? The motivation please.

      Smallpox Ian. Show us millions of cases. OK show us just 1 case [preferably real]
      (there is a risk of smallpox returning because there are at least 2 stocks held in labs)

      Oh , and back to "chemtrails" ....... WHY ?

      Or are these MOTIVELESS crimes against humanity ?

    5. Dude, I'm not running round collating all the evidence and papers again, and yes, they were vaccinating against Spanish Flu in those days, just the same as they were curing cancer in those days. Go do the research....

    6. Hi Ian,

      Really? Well I feel that I am wasting my time too.

      At least there are things we can agree on.
      For instance, I think your time is valuable and I am glad that you are able to devote significant amounts of it to the brave work you do on Jersey child abuse and on the corruption surrounding it.

      We can leave aside for the moment the evidence - or lack of evidence for both "chemtrails" and deliberate poisoning by vaccination. But perhaps you could indulge me for just moment by telling me WHY ? ......... Plausible motives that would help explain the alleged crimes.

    7. Because....Whatever I put in front of you, and others like you, you will simply reject it because you don't want to believe it, you are utterly programmed by the globalists, I cannot help you.

      Hell, you probably even believe that money is real!!! LOL

    8. Hi Ian,

      Just one short paragraph- "why?" -Please
      You never know you migth even convince me.

      Money is just a promise and promises can be worthless.

      The money only has the worth of the promise.
      Except for coinage of course which at least has a scrap value.
      There was a brief period when the old 2p coins were actually worth significantly more than 2 pence as scrap!
      Understandably they promptly reduced the size.

      Just one short paragraph ............
      Or as a fallback you can say that you are sure that they are doing it but you are not sure why.

      I shall ignore the globalist slur.

    9. Go look at my latest posting!

    10. Look anon, it has become quite clear you are a disinfo spook or completely incapable of doing any meaningful research, I fear the spook is the most probable.

      If incapable of research is more your calling then it is pointless you wasting my time on your refusal to look at any meaningful or evidenced facts, so why are you at it?

      Also strange how you lay into Hedi as well, and especially commenting on this thread after you have already had plenty of time to do so in the past. I can't be arsed with your incessant, tedious and repetitive tripe any more and that is why I am not posting any more of your meaningless drivel.

      I just can't be arsed with people who refuse to learn....