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Saturday, 10 August 2013

"Chemtrails Over Jersey - An Open Letter To Chief Minister Gorst" PART 4

"The Arrogance Of Government Idiots"




In my last Email I asked a simple question, the answer was nothing short of fantastical.

Such nonsense is documented below!

From:William Peggie (
Sent:31 July 2013 15:38:24
To:'ian evans'; Louise Magris (
Cc:Robert Duhamel (; Valerie Cameron (; Vanessa Page (; Andrew Scate (

Dear Mr Evans,

Geo - Engineering for the purposes of addressing climate change is not something that the Department has considered formally.  Indeed in addressing carbon emissions you may be aware that we have recently consulted on a number of actions designed to bring Jersey into line with requirements of the Kyoto Protocol, a multilateral environmental obligation to which the Island is signed up via the UK.  These focus on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities and exploring the viability of renewable energies which may be suitable in establishing secure, affordable, and sustainable energy supplies into the future.

Yours sincerely

William Peggie 
Director for Environment / Deputy Chief Officer 
States of Jersey |Department of the Environment 
T: +44(0)1534 441600 | F: +44(0)1534 441601 | E: mailto: | W:

The content of this email is without prejudice to any future decision which may be made by the Minister for Planning and Environment


From:ian evans 
Sent:09 August 2013 23:30:51
To:William Peggie (; Louise Magris (
Cc:Robert Duhamel (; Valerie Cameron (; Vanessa Page (; Andrew Scate (

Dear Mr Peggie

Thank you for your response dated the 31st July 2013. I confess, I haven't laughed so much since I received the latest letter from the Deputy Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, Mr Barry Taylor, dismissing yet more of my legitimate, evidenced complaints against the Police and Judiciary.

As for your Email, "Geo - Engineering" you refer to it, is not designed to address climate change, it is designed to poison the earth, and everything that inhabits the earth. You then waffle on about "The Kyoto Protocol" as though this was some sort of saving grace for mankind, it is nothing more than an embellishment to deceive and manipulate the Sheeple into believing the half-witticisms of government stooges such as yourself.

You go on to preach about reducing carbon emissions through greenhouse gases like anyone still believes this utter garbage. A simple school biology class would have taught you that vegetation thrives on carbon emissions, the process is called photosynthesis.

Lastly, you 'haarp' on about renewable energy like none of us have ever studied anything Nikola Tessla investigated in his lifetime. Most of us know about the Tessla Coil, Mr Peggie, and those of us who don't, soon will. We know free energy has been kept from us by government for over a hundred years, the same government that wants to keep us enslaved to an oil based economy like there is no other option available to us.

You are employed by the people, for the people and their benefit, you have let the people down and your employment should be terminated forthwith. It is quite clear from your evasive answers and your propensity for semantics that you are completely unfit to serve the people, as are your colleagues named in this Email. Not one of you has been honest and forthright in this little exchange in my opinion, not one of you cares one single iota for your fellow man, and not one of you should hold public office anymore.

Yours very sincerely

Ian Evans

On a personal note, once you have finished with your stupidity, and/or lies, you might just want to take a good long hard stare into your bathroom mirror. You are aiding and abetting your own poisoning, your wife's, your children's, and your children's children, not to mention your close friends and their families. I know about these elements, my father was a biochemist all his life. Just how long do you and your loved ones believe that you can constantly continue to inhale Nano Particulates of such a vast range of heavy metals before you all die?

“The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate.”
Dr Wayne Dyer

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