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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cancer Sufferer Russell Ormerod Abandoned By The States Of Jersey :("

Refused drug which could prolong his life

A terminally ill man in Jersey has been denied a drug that could prolong his life.

The Health department say the prostate cancer pill is not cost effective.

Russell Ormerod’s been told by doctors, if he lived in England he would have access to the drug through a special government cancer fund. 

Every year, 40,000 men across the British Isles are diagnosed with prostate cancer. A quarter of them will die from it.

Being refused the treatment in Jersey has left him and his wife devastated.

Russell said: "I feel like they have just given up on me, just to go and sit in a corner and like we've had enough, that's how I felt and it's a bit of a shame really to feel like that. Because we knew that both the oncologist in Southampton and the oncologist in Jersey recommended it and if they could have they would have put Russell onto it." 

Constable Phil Rondel said if a consultant recommends a drug he would sincerely hope that when they get back to Jersey that drug would be given to the patient but it’s not the case now.

He said: "Several other people have contacted me with illnesses within the cancer framework who've been recommended drugs and have been told they couldn't have them and that is a real concern."

Russell’s wife Gwen wants the department to be more open. She said: "I think if it's strongly recommended by the top oncologist in Southampton and our top oncologist over here, I think they have got to try and be more flexible, they're talking about somebody's life here."

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