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Thursday, 1 August 2013

"Cancer In Jersey - It's Our Own Fault"

Jersey cancer rates:

Blame islanders lifestyles

A major study of Jersey's cancer rates has concluded they are higher than in the UK because people smoke and drink to excess, and spend too much time in the sun.

It found islanders' lifestyles, rather than any other reason, are to blame.

The study by Public Health England was commissioned by Jersey's Director of Public Health to examine whether there were any unexpected reasons for rates being so high.

Jersey's cancer rate is 6% higher than the south west of England.

Comparably speaking, there are 28 more new cases per year in the island than you might expect based on the UK rate.

Head and neck cancers, malignant melanomas and lung cancer cases account for most of the excess.

The report also examined a much-reported theory that Radon gas from granite could be a factor.

It found: "Members of the public often express concern about the links between cancer and radon gas. Radon increases the risk of developing lung cancer, but for non‐smokers the baseline risk is so small that the increase caused by radon is very low indeed. The main risk of radon gas in homes is to people who are smokers. Stopping smoking has the most potential to reduce cancer risk."

Director of Public Health Dr Susan Turnbull told ITV News: "This report is most welcome, though its findings do not surprise me. It confirms and reinforces the accumulated evidence that the high incidence cancers that shorten some Islanders' lives are largely preventable by healthier lifestyle choices: principally stopping smoking, taking precautions to avoid sunburn and excessive sun exposure, and avoiding hazardous alcohol consumption. We each have the opportunity to make choices that alter our personal odds of developing these preventable cancers."

"Cancer & Radon - WoHo!!!"

Swine Flu Sue tells us that Radon gas takes 30 to 40 years to do us in.

Now, "The Report" whichever report is being referred to? Dismisses.... and then tells us that there is "no evidence to support the theory that higher rates of cancer are down to the substance" that substance being Radon Gas.

BUT... does anyone in Jersey mention that, in America, according to the N.C.I....
"National Cancer Institute"
and I quote....

"Cigarette smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer. Radon represents a far smaller risk for this disease, but it is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Scientists estimate that 15,000 to 22,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States each year are related to radon."

Oh well, fuck America, we here in Jersey will stand by our 'undisclosed' report, and through simple mind control, we the Sheeple will believe every blade of government grass that we are given to chew on hey :)

"Next Topic"

Aaah, the Sun & Sunscreen!

Did Swine Flu Sue tell us that high grade 'Hemp Oil' from the 'Indica' strain of the Cannabis Genus kills skin cancer within 2 to 5 days? Did she fuck!!! Go Google Rick Simpson's video "Cancer - Run from the cure" or simply follow the link directly below :)

I ain't saying Sweet F.A. on this one anymore, I already know!!! Watch the video....And remember your youth. How many people 30 or 40 years ago, can you remember having skin cancer???

Would 'none' be close to your recollections?


What about it? Well, it is the same for alcohol as anything else in life.

All things in moderation hey? Apart from sex of course :)

To much alcohol will kill you? True, just as to much fruit will kill you, to much veg will kill you, and to much of anything will kill you. "WATER" being the worst of the bunch!!!

The truth about alcohol is that it depends on what you drink, how much of it you drink, and when you drink it....

One small glass of good fortified red wine a day can do wonders for most peoples health,
especially heart patients :)

Start guzzling 10 or 15 pints a night of the chemical laidened shit they attempt to pass off as lager, and your going to be in a world of shyte, don't take much working out does it?

If you are that sad and stupid and want any more info....You have a Google button.


If you are that retarded, Google it!!!

On the side though, smoking does kill off about 18 different types of cancer!

BUT....there are over 200 different types of cancer....Or so they tell us :)

AND by the way, the shyte they are spraying from aircraft "Chemtrails - or Geo - Engineering as they like to call it these days) is ten times more carcinogenic that cigarettes will ever be!

AND....Why are they lacing cigarettes with over 2000 different chemicals?

Yes....'2000'....You can buy rolling tobacco with as little as 7 different additives!

The wise man will smoke Cannabis.

"A Round Up On Swine Flu Sue's Statement"

Swine Flu Sue


They (The Government & Big Pharma) lie like fuck to the people, they always have!

Want Proof?

Go do the research....

Below, is a little help for my fellow human beings :)


Did Swine Flu Sue ever inform us about SV40 in regard to vaccines? Or the fact that they (The fuckers with the power) refused to filter out the Leukemia virus from this vaccine?

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