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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

"Bent - Twisted - Corrupt Little Jersey Picks One Of It's Own To Oversee Police & Judicial Corruption!!!"

New chairman to oversee police force

Whiter than White! And from Ogier's!

Advocate Jonathan White has been appointed the first chairman of the Jersey Police Authority.

The JPA is responsible for ensuring the police are an effective force.

Advocate White, who is an English solicitor and a Jersey advocate, will be responsible for the oversight of the States of Jersey Police and ensuring they deliver their key aims and objectives. 

Advocate White is a former managing partner and group chairman of Ogier. During his time at the firm, Ogier grew from a law firm into an international fiduciary services business with a presence in nine jurisdictions and a staff of 850 people. He retired in 2009. He is currently chairman of both Jersey Finance Ltd and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. In 2011, he was awarded a lifetime achievement award from the Citywealth Magic Circle awards. 

Minister for Home Affairs, Senator Ian Le Marquand, said: “I am delighted that Jonathan is taking up this important post for the Island. He has a wealth of experience to bring to the role, not least his professional expertise as a senior lawyer, his contribution to public life through other organisations, and of course as a family man.

The other members of the JPA are still to be elected and will consist of up to six people with more than two being States Members. The States Assembly will elect their two representatives by secret ballot in September. The remaining four posts will be advertised later that month. 



  1. Notice how Le Marquand states that "I am delighted that Jonathan is taking up this important post for the Island."

    "The Island" with a capital "I" meaning the corporate entity, and not the actual "island" of jersey, i.e the landmass!!!

    Your gonna get stiffed again people!!!

  2. Oh dear, looks like I have jumped the gun!!!

    On re-reading this nonsense it seems that I made a couple of mistakes!!!

    It says that Mr White, and his future colleagues, two of which shall be brought into the fold by stealth, "The JPA is responsible for ensuring the police are an effective force" are only going to ensure that the police are an effective force? An effective force for what exactly? Corporate policy?

    Mr White will also make sure that "the States of Jersey Police and ensuring they deliver their key aims and objectives" Nothing whatsoever about stamping out police and judicial corruption!!!

    So what does the phrase "ensuring they deliver their key aims and objectives" really mean? Well, once a decent politico in Jersey asks that question, then we might further be able to comment. Until then, we shall take it that the enforcement of the status quo will be maintained!!!

    Told you we were getting stiffed again :)

  3. The Island is a corporate entity? Then perhaps we are not being "Stiffed" as you so delightfully put it
    I believe that the correct business terminology is "horizontally integrated" without your consent.

    The lawyers owned this island, now they own the police, and if they take a fancy to it they will own your ass.

    Jersey, you bent over for the shysters once too often
    you are their bitch

    what is the betting that snow white is in favour of UDI ?

    1. I can assure you that the lawyers will not be owning my ass, speak for yourself by all means, but not for my ass, I will die first.

    2. I expect that Saviles old buddies on the island would like that very much

      Stiffing a stiff

    3. I do beg your pardon Sir Jim
      .... SIR Savile's old buddies

  4. And from Stuart Syvrets Blog, it transpires that not only is he being supported by a commercial entity (law firm Ogiers), that his office is being paid for by them too

    The Beano is not the Rag

  5. Ian,
    I knew that this hijack of the policing function was a big deal but I had no idea how big until I read this

  6. We all know that Bob Hill ex politician and police afficionado would be a good panel member.....wonder if he'll be invited