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Saturday, 24 August 2013

"And This Treatment Is What You Pay Your Taxes For? Enough Said...."

Cancer drug availability taken to the States

Cancer sufferer Russell Ormerod with is wife Gwen

THE case of a cancer patient whom Health have denied a drug he was recommended by a specialist they referred him to is being taken to the States by the Constable of St John.
Phil Rondel will be asking questions of Health Minister Anne Pryke at the first States sitting on Tuesday 10 September about the drug Cabazitaxel.
He wants to know how many people in the Island it has been recommended for in the past two years, whether any patients have been declined it and, if they were, the reasons for that decision and whether the patients’ doctors were consulted.

Mr Ormerod is no spring chicken, he probably doesn't work anymore and therefore is what governments term, a useless eater!

He is probably costing government money now after a lifetime of paying into the system, and has become a burden to the state.

If Mr Ormerod was in his thirties he would have probably got the drugs he needs, Big Pharma love it when they can hook someone fairly young onto their drugs for life, at his age there is no profit in it for anyone.

As dreadful as it sounds, that is the way it works....

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  1. Another appalling example of how the health department spend millions on getting advice on non medical " outside " consultants. Yet when it comes to residents of Jersey being given priority the answer is yes, as long as you pay privately, otherwise sod off we are not interested so will make you wait and wait and ……

    Jersey health service, wrong attitude, wrong pretend clueless puppet Minister the whole bunch of touch with the words Health Service.