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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

"You Just Couldn't Make This Sh*t Up" Part 3

"Questions Without Answers....Again!!!"

What Is The Point Of Parliamentary Privilege When You Simply Cannot Get An Answer?

"There Is No Secrecy!"


  1. Look - if a court decides X or Y case will be In Camera ("in chamber") then it's a secret case.

    And for a defendant to have an Article 6 compliant opportunity to ask for such a secrecy ruling to be lifted - the court has to be an objective, impartial court; a lawful court.

    the above was taken from a comment left by Stuart Syvret on 2 July 2013. linked below.

    Relevance to the, video is he obviously was aware of the secret court case date as it is mentioned in the video.

  2. Hi Ian.

    I'am having problems with my Host Server will get Questions without Answers as soon as I can.


  3. What has Jersey done to this Man, I feel ill looking at the video, Syvret has fought against the Establishment, look at him! what has Jersey done to him, isn't it about time for people to stand in the Town Square and ask for democracy, Egypt have done it! why can't we! it would need to be everyone to flood the Town Square for change in how this Island is run for once and for all, for people like Stuart and others who have given their lives for the truth. God bless you Syvret. x

  4. Stuart has gone by the book and the truth will out.

    1. Never a truer word spoken anon :)