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Friday, 26 July 2013

"Three Ju-Rats Reinstate Sacked Cop In A Secret Court Hearing!!!"

"The Jersey Way - Still Going Strong"

Who, at the JEP, writes this sh*t?

"Having an affair with his ex-girlfriend."
How can it be an affair if they are not together?

"He had been investigating rumours that his former partner, who is also a police officer, had been seeing another man behind his back."
How can it be behind his back if they are not together?

I bet we wouldn't have got to hear about this if I hadn't posted it yesterday?


  1. If the mucking-around bloke was spoken for, but also seeing the other bloke's ex-gf, then it's an affair :)

  2. And an 'alleged' professional reporter cannot put that into context?

    Not in Jersey they can't....

    Triangulation! Hmmm?

  3. I wonder if Bowron is going to get angry at this and leave?

  4. Superb Ian, you must be really p---ing them off LOL

  5. well it wasn't going to be long before the establishment flexed it's muscles at Chief Bowron, bet he is spitting feathers at being overruled,in secret mind,getting a taste of the Jersey way,even though he was right to fire a bent cop,they have now trashed his authority and credibility in one.the cop though had better watch his back and I doubt whether his bid to save his pension,for that is what he's after ... his tenure will be long enough to collect.

  6. On this occasion, I am with the young copper. He was obviously still very emotionally involved with the girl, but all he did was use a computer to get information. As far as we re told he did not use violence, abuse or threaten the other guy or his ex.

    I have done stupid things when younger, when the heart rules the head but, to lose your job, from what has been printed does appear a step to far. He will feel a fool with all the publicity and a£300 fine which should act as a deterrent to other coppers.

    1. "all he did was use a computer to get information"

      ...which he was not legally entitled to obtain. What if the subject of that information gathering were you, or someone close to you? Why don't you go the whole hog and say it was OK for journalists to listen to Millie Dowler's voicemails because, according to your logic, no real harm would be done, would it?

      Stop making excuses for people like this. He broke the law, he got fined, and my faith in the police is diminished. I hope he has no access to data on me...or you. Put him on traffic duty, in the rain.

      He was in a trusted position. The bar is higher for people like him. He shouldn't have done what he did.

  7. like people are going to trust this clown again !!!NOT

  8. @ July 27, 2013 4:17 PM

    Stick with the facts, he sent a text saying " you broke my heart " this is very different from the Millie Dowler's voice mails, he is not roving through police commuters add hock, this was a specific love lost senario.

    I reckon most of us have been smitten at some time in our lives. My point is every situation is different. Correct he broke the law, and he got punished and fined. In these particular circumstances the fine fits the crime. Now young police men setting fire to cars to get the insurance money is a whole different story. You also say your faith in the police has diminished, thats your personal view, so be it.

    I just feel this was a bit of a love story that went badly wrong, and the PC has been punished, and paid heavily through the publicity.

    1. We'll have to agree to disagree. I'm of the view that every keystroke a policeman makes should concern the detection or prevention of crime. It's never acceptable for people in a position of power and authority to "spin" somebody's car registration details, regardless of what they then do with the information. It's the thin end of the wedge. Perhaps you have never heard of Operation Motorman?

      The fact is - and you want me to stick to the facts - he span someone's registration details. It's wrong, whatever the circumstances.

      As for the policemen who set fire to a car to claim insurance money, well, they went to prison and rightly so. I'm not sure it's relevant to this case.

  9. Any wrongdoing by any peace officer is instant dismissal, any wrongdoings by a police officer is instant promotion!

    Learn the rules, learn to distinguish between the two, law is not as it may seem, especially to the beguiled!!!