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Friday, 19 July 2013

"Sheila Coleman & Chunkymark Expose British Corruption To It's Core"

"Another Must See Video From
The Artist Taxi Driver"


  1. Jersey Delegation goes to China to boost business, and come back full of themselves, with what they have achieved,(at taxpayers expense)as I don't know how to bring the article up on screen, an interesting article appears in the Financial Times, if one enters on Google, (The blurred line between business and bribery in china)I would have thought our Government would have kept well clear, it would be interesting to know who they spoke to and what they spoke about, any comments?

  2. If it was Balihache, he's probably forgotten what he said, and might not be sure wether he actually went, but he will remember anything that would never cause him a problem.

  3. People should read the article referred to above at is unbelievable, that our politicians are entertaining this.