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Thursday, 25 July 2013

"New Internet Troll Law For Jersey - Will It Continue To Protect Jon Haworth?"

"Why Do We Need A Law?
& Why Are There Blogs?

The J.E.P says "Ministers back new law to allow action against online bullies" yet the J.E.P, Channel TV and BBC Jersey all allow multi avatar trolling from the same inadequate halfwit, Jon Haworth.

Isn't that just a touch hypocritical?

Well actually, no, when Jon spews his bile in favour of the establishment party, its just fine. Given that JEP, BBC Jersey and Channel TV all do the same, we begin to wonder just what the real motive is behind this latest move.

If any of the State Media reported honestly and openly,
would this alleged law even be necessary?

Would there even be any bloggers if the State Media did their job properly?

I think it is fair to say (especially in Jersey) that most corruption and criminality these days stems from government, and because the State Media have failed to investigate and report the truth, we have seen the emergence of blog after blog.

It is plain as a pikestaff, the reason why this new law is being thrown together, we know its to try and gag citizens media. They don't want the unsuspecting public getting wind of the utter criminality government is engaging in.

As each day passes, the people are waking up to the oppression's that government have held them in servitude with for so long. Governments all over the world are beginning to lose their grip on their power over the people, and they don't like it.

Now ask yourselves this....

Why would people like myself, Stuart, VFC, Rico, Trevor, TJW, Cyril, Mike, or any other blogger for that matter, waste our time and our lives blogging?

Could it just possibly be that we want a fairer, freer, happier and more equal world for ourselves and our fellow human beings without the tyranny of government trying to steal everything we own from us.

And that we have the courage to follow that dream to its conclusion.

"That which I hold dear, I will defend to the last.
No matter the odds or the consequences."


  1. I put this on the following JEP thread; wouldn't it be interesting if they censored it :
    NAME: Lianne D'Throll
    July 25, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    If something is true you should be able to say it, otherwise it is a #### CENSOR'S #### licence.

    It would surprise me if comments and emails are not already covered by slander and deformation law.

  2. with this new law and the new telecommunications law coming into force in the coming months,it would be possible,if the states and the jersey police seen good reason to,to block blog sites, and any other sites it seen offensive,at browser level.this would have to be done by the isps.this is how they are attempting to stop the on-line piracy of films and music,just block access to the web site containing copyrighted material.i'm not saying this will happen but its a strong possibility.

  3. Surely it is a simple question - why are 'they' afraid of the truth???

    I have not yet read anything on any blog site posting that has not been 100% truthful-yet the likes of Jon Howarth and all his various avatars are permitted to run amok and cause untold harm and damage AND be protected by Data Protection!!! in the courts.

    This just has to be the biggest travesty of all.

  4. google have over the last few weeks changed the rules and regulations about blog sites.i my self have not seen these new "rules" but from what i've read in a magazine they are quite drastic.the internet was set up to be a free and open place for anybody and ever with what's come to light recently about the American government spying scandal(the Americans set up a special department to spy on everybody) i'm sure its put a lot of people off using the internet.what with google,yahoo,and Microsoft,(microsoft from skype which they now own)to name but a few,just handing information about people over to the American government it does make you wonder if the internet is really as "free and open" as its claimed to be.
    and anon at 9:28pm your right they are scared of the truth,and as they say the truth hurts.

  5. You should publish all the crap Jon sends you, just on this story, to show what shit you have to put up with! :o)

    1. You are joking, aren't you?

      I have about 1,600 entries from Jon's arse already, how would I fit them on one blog posting?

      One that sticks in my mind though is when Fiona Lord drowned herself after her fathers death, and the good hearted Haworth suggested that I might have beaten the shit out of her, then fucked her!!!

  6. I think I can feel another "HOT 100 HAW HAW HAWORTH SUMMERTIME TROLLING EXTRAVAGANZA" coming on :)

    1. Well that sure shut you up didn't it Haworth! Not one insult in the last 20 minutes, but cheer up Amoeba, this Extravaganza is going to be extra special you scum :)

  7. what planet does that haworth live on??? cause it deffo ain't this one.
    ian i think he's spent a few night with lassie,and the smells got to him :-)

  8. Yes there is definitely some thing in all the smoke about Jon Haworth being / was protected by the dark side. Lets look at the facts.

    He has been making abusive threats to bloggers and any one who disagrees with the establishment for years

    Stuart Syvret in court asked why he was there, when a certain Jon Haworth made death threats to friends , and got caught on answer phone, his punishment was a date with a centenier for being naughty.

    Advocate Baker seeing the jersey judiciary in a very awkward position told the judge that serious charges were being laid against Howarth and saved the day. It was only then that the boys in blue really got involved and Howarth was prosecuted.

    Then the strangest of moves by the Jersey Government they took Syvret to court and prosecuted him in secret using Data Protection laws. They in fact took a civil action and turned into a civil action paid for by the taxpayer and who's name pop's up again, Jon Haworth as one of the four people in court against Syvret.

    It must be as clear as day that the game is to stop free and open criticism of Jersey's Government on the locally well informed internet blogs. There again they have a lot to lose, all those big golden handshakes agreed behind closed doors, all those states departments balls up's uncovered by bloggers. A failed open eyed judiciary ( justice is supposed to be blind ). The scams of companies set up by the states paying big directors wages ( friends ) and the juicy expense accounts, all money taken from the public purse. The list goes on and on.

    This is reminiscent of Russia or Chinese information control. The islanders are sleepwalking into a silent no information prison they will live to regret. Read all the details on the internet while you still can.