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Friday, 19 July 2013

"Just Say No To More Human Rights Abuses"

Campaign to make cyclist helmets compulsory

Just brilliant isn't it? They legally poison our food, water, and air, they hide cures for Cancer and HIV from us, but they don't want us to bang our poor heads??????????

"You Just Couldn't Make This Shit Up"

Campaigners fighting to bring in a law to make all cyclists wear helmets say they are doing it 'for the public benefit'. 

Three years ago the States voted to make cycle helmets compulsory for under 18s, but it is yet to become law.

The Chief Minister has called an urgent meeting to review the matter and in light of two crashes in two months on Beaumont Hill, two politicians want to amend that law to include every cyclist. 

Paul Channing lost his life in May and another 35-year-old man is currently fighting for his in Southampton Hospital. It's believed neither cyclist was wearing a helmet. 

The last time this was brought to the States, it was rejected by one vote, but Deputy Andrew Green and Constable John Refault are keen to try again.

However, those who fought the proposition argued politicians were interfering with the public's choice.

Con Refault said: "Yes we are, but we're doing it for the public benefit. 

"I'd rather have someone with a broken leg and still have a fully functioning brain than like the last two cyclists on Beaumont Hill, one losing his life and the other may well suffer life changing brain injuries. 

"I don't want to see that again and if making people put the equivalent of a seat belt on - a cycle helmet - then that for me is the right way to go." 


  1. Oh dear! You really would think that people like Constable Refault would do at least a small amount of research before trying to initiate a knee jerk reaction which has completely the opposite of the intended effects:

  2. If we have to wear helmets because a very small minority had unfortunate accidents and banged their heads. What do we do about the regular abuse to children and the lack of accountability and massive cover up and the persecution of people trying to bring out the truth! Ooow yeh FUCK ALL! Get real i don't believe you have our welfare in mind. Do some real work you bunch of wind bags : p

  3. It is wrong for them to decide for us. Let us use our free will as responsable adults to choose a helmet or not. We are not children!

    It has been noted 2 serious accidents on BEAUMONT HILL. Perhaps then BEAUMONT HILL is the risky thing that should be looked into.

    I dislike the way he said 'I'd rather have someone with a broken leg, than a head injury'. Please, please...You are not my Auntie. Stop insulting us Adults and tackle the real killers like Cigarettes!!!

  4. All these little examples are designed to strip the people of their ability to critically think and to accept that a few imbeciles in government know whats best for us. They have been doing this for thousands of years, and are very adept at it. It is time for the people of this world to take the law into their own hands, to use their intelligence to make decisions that will benefit themselves and also their fellow man. I will be publishing an excellent piece from Max Igan later on today which explains beautifully the social programming that has been in place for an age....

    1. referendum, they have decided to IGNORE the public, and go ahead with their agenda anyway. This to me says that they think of us along these lines, "We will decide for you, cos you are incapable of making a wll informed decision yourselThank you Ian for saying it as it is!

      The evidence is there. black and white. Just like the f"

      Well Duck me, but in Australia their Helmet ban was an almighty FAIL, yet does Jersey learn from that?!.. Maybe 2 accidents on Beaumont hill has mor to do with... Guess what.. Yes, Gold Star: Beaumont hill, hooraaa!!...

      Perhaps if the adult cyclists would be able to vote and be listened to, things would be a damn site friendlier!

  5. cycles can reach 70 mph on boumont hill .not made for that speed mabey speed smileys instead