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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

"Jersey Police Breaking The Law As Usual"

"At Last The Flock Are Starting To Wake Up"

As myself and Cyril have been telling you for two years now,
you have rights!!!

"HOW much personal information do the police have the right to extract from us?"


The first of these is the right to remain silent, but we do not suggest that you do remain silent when first confronted by public servants in fancy dress, rather, ask them two simple questions;

1. Have you witnessed me breech the peace officer?

If the answer is 'no' then ask them....

2. Am I free to go officer?

They have to answer your questions as they work for you, they are public servants. If they do not comply with their Master's wishes, they are breaking the law as they swore a Common Law Oath of Office to do right by the people.

If they are refusing to let you go, ask them,

Are you operating under your Oath of Office at this time officer?

If they do not answer, they are breaking the Law. If they answer 'yes' tell them that you do not need their company's services at this time, but be sure to thank them for their kind offer. 

Remember a few things....

1. You are not obliged to contract with anyone, written or verbally.

2. You have an inalienable right to travel in your chosen private conveyance of the day.

3. Statutes are 'NOT' laws. This includes Acts, Regulations, Bylaws, etc etc etc.

4. Remain courteous and polite at all times, (most) policemen are human beings too.

5. Never give them any of the following as this will allow them to create joinder on the legal fiction and therefore arrest you.
a. Your name.
b. Your date of birth.
c. Your address
Rather, ask them if they are acting lawfully as a peace officer or legally as a police officer? If they say lawfully as a peace officer, just tell them your friends call you "......." whatever your christian name or nickname is.

6. A Police Force is a company, there for profit, they just love it when you get lippy as they know they can goad you into overstepping the mark. Keep calm and remember that they want money from you, they will try and fine you for any indiscretion.

It is worth remembering that you are not obliged to give them any information whatsoever, indeed, it is they who are obliged to give you their name, rank, and number! 

If they cart you off, so be it, tolerate it, they are accountable for their actions in the long run. If they do not follow their own laws, they have broken them, you have remedy through a civil action against them.

Always remember to record anything that they say or do with your mobile phone.

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  1. Ian,I found it amusing that she "happened to mention that she worked for the jep". Would that be because she thought it would alter things in some way? Pure arrogance, so typical of jep staff who think because they toe the establishment line, they have some clout!!

  2. I seriously hope there is no one out there stupid enough to follow your 'advice' as it will certainly land them in trouble. Your theories are wrong, plain and simple. Oh, and it's BREACH not BREECH. A breech is apart of a cannon/gun or a type of birth (breech birth).

  3. Amazing how the crooks can't wait to try and scare the people some more, "your 'advice' will certainly land them in trouble".

    Don't you assholes know anything other than threatening the people with violence? We are not afraid of your kind, or hadn't you realised that yet?

    And we don't give 'advice' as that is the sole franchise of the law society, we just share our experiences.

    As for Breach, Breatch, Breech, Bweech, I will spell it any way I God damned please pencil neck :)

  4. No doubt that was Mezec, Ian.

  5. The only people looking for trouble is the officers that stop civilians and asks for details with no reason to do so.
    Know your rights, threaten with violence make sure it gets recorded. officers act differently when a camera is in their face.