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Monday, 1 July 2013

"Jersey Honouring The Dead Whilst Oppressing & Poisoning The Living?"

Service to mark the Harbour bombing

THE 73rd anniversary of the bombing of St Helier Harbour during Second Word War was marked with a poignant service at the Albert Pier on Friday.
Around 50 people stood silently at the event as extracts from witness accounts of the moments that the Luftwaffe rained bullets and bombs on the Channel Islands were read.
Each of the six readings, which were taken from John Nettles’ book about the Occupation called Jackboots and Jewels and included a reading from the Bergerac actor himself, told a similar story of a balmy summer’s evening descending into terror and chaos as Islanders, for the first time, felt the effects of the war on their little Island that until then had remained largely unaffected by the events in Europe.
In total during the attack from the air on 28 June 1940 nine were killed and 11 injured, some of them seriously. Three days later the Occupation of the Channel Islands began.

"Is It Some Sort Of Weird

Masonic Ritual?"
One has to wonder what exactly it is these psychopaths are on?
They appear to have all the compassion and empathy in the World for the dead, yet when it comes to the living they have nothing but contempt, hatred, and an overriding will to control and manipulate the population of Jersey!
They spend tens of thousands a year celebrating the dead, yet they won't hand over a penny to help the living who need food and shelter. Is this some kind of sick Masonic ritual?
They poison our water with fluoride and chlorine yet the simple solution is just to ozonate the water as they do in Germany and France. They inject the animals that provide our meat with exogenous growth hormones and sub clinical antibiotics with no benefit to man nor beast. Then there are G.M.O foods, utter poison to human beings which changes the genetic structure of D.N.A.
They cover our vegetables and fruits with toxic substances that any experienced lab rat would run a mile from, and what about our air? Chemtrails filled with aluminum, beryllium, arsenic, barium,  cadmium, strontium, mercury and titanium, not to mention the nano particulates in their 'smart dust' that cause Morgellons Syndrome. The FDA, MD's and the CDC actually call this "delusional parasitosis" like the people who have it are making it's not really happening to them! WTF?

Chemtrails and Morgellons
Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (2011)

Check the video I did back in 2007 when the nanotech-agent's links to the chemtrailing process were only just being suggested :

Info: "As the natural world dies around us, what will take its place? Planetary engineering includes bioremediation measures to bring us genetically engineered trees and crops. And what of humans themselves? How are we being transformed from the inside out?

Presented at Conspiracy Con 2011, this 1 hour power point presentation by Sofia Smallstorm introduces primary and scientific findings hidden in the muffles of mainstream alternative media."

Video from Conspiracy Con 2011 - google their event site for more

Seeded by Exopolitics UK -

To add to all this, the Jersey Nazi Party bring in new laws of Registration to control every move that the people make as seen in my previous posting today. This law allows them to control everything that we can do by their rules, it is a simple throwback to Nazi Germany where Hitler had the population register everything, and in doing so they signed all their property over to government.
When are the people of Jersey finally going to wake up and do something about the criminals in the States of Jersey that are trampling all over our rights and freedoms?

Soon it will be to late,



"SAY NO!!!"


  1. Page 2 of the "filthy rag" last night (but not online yet ..... Big Ian? .... please)
    Deputy Pitman using Parliamentary Privilege to ask written question about the secret cost to taxpayers of secret civil case (Super Dysfunction?) brought by our esteemed government, on behalf of third parties, against a certain Ex-health Minister. [I paraphrase]

    It is presumably only because of the current mainland press interest in corruption in Jersey that an elected politician has been 'allowed' to successfully table this question - until ILM changes the law to gag even our politicians ....

  2. I don't have a copy of the filthy rag from last night, and I am certainly not going to buy one.

    1. Yes the time that the Jersey Evening 'Pravda' becomes totally irrelevant is fast approaching -but it is not there yet.

      Perhaps you might find a discarded copy ? - but be careful to check it for (a) vomit, (b) Stella & urine - depending on the identity and reaction of the original purchaser.


      Alternatively, if you have time, you could do a proper write up.

    2. Next doors cat didn't fancy taking a dump on yesterdays J.E.P so I can post the section on four of Jersey's worst criminals later today....

    3. Out the litter tray

      Cat urine is far less unpleasant than scared troll urine

      I'd hate to be the wet nurse who had lo clean up after him