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Thursday, 18 July 2013

"Jersey Government Launches Independent Police Authority? - Hahaha, aaahha aha aaah haha aha hahaha - Oh, This Is Precious!!!"

Jersey government launches police authority

GameShow Mike get's rid of his best bent cop!

I will wager that I personally take up their entire yearly budget in the first two months!
And where is the independence? These imbeciles will simply appoint one of their mates to oversee everything, mark my words. Just another rubber stamp for the police, same as the Jersey Police Complaints Authority was!

The Fruitcake, Ian Le Marquand, is an evidence liar and cheat, so much so he has probably lost any rational mental and ethical module that he may once have possessed.
On a brighter note, I do think he is shitting himself now, and he 'will' be held to account by myself, one way, or another!
I simply cannot wait for the names of these, so called, independents to be put forward, I am going to have a field day on this blog :)

A police authority is to be launched in Jersey for the first time after a majority of politicians accepted the plan.
Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand said the authority would separate politics from policing.
A draft law was drawn up in 2008 but was delayed by issues such as the historical abuse inquiry in the island.
The Privy Council approved the law in November. On Wednesday 38 politicians voted in favour and one against.
There were 12 States members absent when the vote was taken.
£100,000 budget
Senator Le Marquand said he was not able to give the police undivided attention.
The authority will be an independent body made up of between five and seven members including a chairperson.
The chairperson would be appointed by the Minister for Home Affairs and cannot be an elected States member.
The members of the authority will be honorary but will be able to claim out-of-pocket expenses.
The minister said its budget would be a maximum of £100,000 per year to cover the cost of an executive officer and other staff.
Areas of responsibility will include making sure the police force is efficient and effective, producing an annual policing plan, and helping the States of Jersey police get extra funding where needed.
The Jersey Police Authority will have no responsibility for the honorary police forces which are run by the 12 parish authorities.


  1. All words, terms, phrases, figures and symbols used herein, mean what I say they mean, and are not open to reinterpretation!!!

  2. Didn't Le M. say that he wanted to bring the police even further under The State's control?

    The Beano is not the Rag

  3. Of course....But no one takes a blind bit of notice about anything that the Fruitcake says anymore, we know its a pack of lies and deceit from the get go.

  4. You write stuff like this and then you wonder why the police take no notice of your complaints? When this new cyber harassment law is passed later in the year what will you do with your time?

    1. I write stuff like this "BECAUSE" the police, the judiciary, and the government take no notice of complaints you halfwit. As for your new cyber statutory garbage, that does not apply to men and women who do not consent to it, just like your housing and work garbage that your kind try to control everyone with....

    2. You want to bet on that.
      The new legislation later this year will make it a criminal offence to harass people via a blog meaning fines, imprisonment or both.

  5. After seeing him on the TV news last night (I recommend watching it online for a laugh) I think he should be the Minister For Silly Walks!

  6. You are quite right Ian.

    Police Authority / Police Complaints Authority is only as good as it's weakest links
    The system has to be robust and independent, and so do the people in it.

    The way it works on this island (and elsewhere no doubt) is they shepard their own mates and lankeys into these positions of power and oversight.

    A bit like how the Jurat system really works perhaps - Le Breton and others ?

    1. I wonder if they would accept a nomination for the Police Authority of a certain F.J. (Bob) Hill, formerly of the Metropolitan Police and deserving holder of the British Empire Medal

      Eminently qualified, you would have thought ?

      I suspect that he would not be appointed as he has an independent mind and is able to do more than operate the Establishment's standard "there is no evidence of malpractice" rubber stamp.

      How about Mike Higgins, amongst other things an ex. lecturer in Economics, Law and Banking at Highlands College & Commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force (Reserves)

      Oh dear, he might not produce the (far)right sort of decisions either.

      More suggestions welcome........

      That "reliable" Mr. Le Breton is available for service I hear, now that he has resigned as a Jurat ["for personal reasons", was it] ;-)

  7. ILM appears to have a memory problem similar to Bailhache, in as much as when interviewed prior to being voted in he stated he wanted to bring the police under polictical control.

    1. Correct anon, Le Marquand will say and do whatever he is told, yet I believe that even someone as stupid as he is knows the game is coming to an end.