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Saturday, 13 July 2013

"Jersey Child Abuse - The Sharp Report - The Missing Page 20"



Thanks to the Internet, and of course, Jersey Bloggers, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have read the Sharp Report. A professional and deeply disturbing investigation into many years of sustained and unlawfully concealed child abuse at Jersey’s leading private school, Victoria College.

Before the era of citizens media, this kind of shocking filth and corruption by our (alleged) elite, would have been hidden from us forever.

The Sharp Report can be read at the link below.

But when that copy was scanned to PDF one page was missing, page 20.

So....we are publishing it here on my (non-entity) blog.

"Wet your mattress Haworth" :)

To put it into context, and to provide what is a very revealing glimpse into Jersey depravity, we're beginning with a paragraph from page 19, and we continue on to the first 2 paragraphs from page 25. The missing page '20' is written in blue.

The Sharp Report, which is a shocking indictment against our alleged "pillars of society" here in corrupt hick redneck paedophile Jersey, shows clearly how the scum at the top of the governmental tree conceal that which is most repulsive to any normal decent human being....CHILD ABUSE!!!

The former Headmasters, Deputy Headmasters, Heads of the Junior School, Advocates, Magistrates, former Deputy Bailiffs, and former Bailiffs all feature among the numbers of animals who so grossly failed to protect defenceless young children for decades against sick perverts who would rob them of their life blood for the duration of their existence on this planet.

Reading these few pages alone, will give any decent honourable man or woman a clear understanding of how a few good men on the island of Jersey, have fought to expose, and stop, child abuse from being covered up by the full might of the Jersey Establishment.

Paragraphs B17 to B53 from the Sharp Report: an examination of decades of concealed child abuse at Victoria College, the Jersey Establishment’s leading private school.
Events During 1994
B17   On Tuesday 11 January the Headmaster wrote an aide-memoire for the file, countersigned by Mr. Le Breton, recording the outcome of his interview of Mr Jervis-Dykes in connection with a complaint from a parent that his son and other pupils had been shown soft pornography on television at the home of Mr Jervis-Dykes on the previous Friday evening.
B18   17 January - The Headmaster’s appointment diary records a meeting arranged with the boy’s father for 3.30 pm.
Events During 1995
B19   From 8 to 22 July a sailing trip took place around the Greek coast (having flown to Athens) led by Mr Jervis-Dykes. The second yacht was skippered by Mr [Piers] Baker.

Events During May 1996

B20   In May information reached the police which led to enquiries beginning into the behaviour of Mr Jervis-Dykes.

B21   During the week of 20-24 May, at a States Personnel middle management course at L’Horizon Hotel, DS Faudemer approached Mr Rotherham, the Head of the Sixth form, (who was a fellow member of the course) for information about Mr Jervis-Dykes. Mr Rotherham gave no information but reported the conversations to the Headmaster who contacted the police to protest at “harassment” of Mr Rotherham.

Events in June and July 1996

B22   Mr Jervis-Dykes was arrested at 7.38 am on Wednesday, 5th June 1996 at his home in Mont Millais Court. A substantial quantity of video and other photographic evidence was seized, including video equipment and a Sky TV Adult Channel subscription card.
B23   Later that day, following discussion with the Director of Education (Mr. Grady), the Headmaster suspended Mr Jervis-Dykes.
B24   The Police received statements on 8 June and 12 June from three former students, detailing incidents in 1992, 1984 and 1985/6 respectively.
B25   On Monday 10 June, D Sgt Faudemer and D Sgt Pryke went to Victoria College, met the Headmaster and were shown the aide-memoire of the reprimand to Mr Jervis-Dykes dated 11 January 1994.
B26   On Thursday 13 June, a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Victoria College Parent Teacher Association was held. Among those present were the Headmaster and Mr Piers Baker, then Head of the Junior School. The Minutes of the meeting include the following:
“In respect of the allegations revealed in the Jersey Evening Post concerning a College Teacher, the Headmaster reported that he could give no more information than was stated in the Press. The Press are keen to put a slant on the situation. Three parents of the Committee were confident in respect of this person and were shocked by the news. The Headmaster stated that the teacher remains suspended and this was a decision of the Chairman of Governors and the Director of Education in line with normal policy. The Committee were hopeful for a low profile approach.”
B27   That evening Mr Baker wrote a letter (which is included in the folder accompanying the Police Report) from his home address to D Sgt Faudemer. In it, Mr Baker said:

“You may recall that we met very briefly at Victoria College on Monday. I am the Head of the Junior School at the College. I am a Maths teacher and as a Naval Reservist have been closely involved in the activities of the CCF over the years. In both these roles I have worked closely with Mr Jervis-Dykes.

I write because I fear that we might be heading for a gross miscarriage of justice. Whilst I am not privy (nor would it be proper for me to be so,) to the details of your investigation, I do have specific knowledge and experience of Mr Jervis-Dykes’ activities over a number of years. I have been with him as accompanying officer on a number of sailing expeditions and he has assisted me in the College‘s local dinghy sailing programme. We have both been involved in the on-shore and out of the Island training of numerous cadets.
I have often shared accommodation in yachts with him and I have never seen or been made aware of any inappropriate behaviour on his part. My own son has been in the cadet force for three years and I would have been horrified had I had any suspicion of misconduct by any officer. I would not have allowed such a situation to continue and I would have raised the matter with the Headmaster and yourselves without hesitation.
I hope as you continue your investigations that you will wish to take evidence as much from those who can verify his good character as from those who may have other agendas. Many parents and students can vouch for the upright open and dedicated way in which he has always carried out his duties.
There have been times when Mr Dykes’s dynamic approach to leadership training has been the cause of envy from others. Likewise, his obvious care for and involvement with the welfare of students has stood out as superior to what most of us manage to achieve.
Perhaps these things have led to false allegations being made. I certainly recall occasions of deliberate and unsubtle attempts by some local individuals to pull the College training down. That, sadly, is the small-minded nature of certain elements in our society today. I am sure your own duties bring you into contact with this often enough!
I hope this letter will further your investigations and ensure that we do not continue to damage a man’s career for longer than is justified.”
B28   Shortly after receiving this letter D Sgt Faudemer arranged for Mr Baker to be invited to Police Headquarters at Rouge Bouillon on 19 June, when he met PC Cornelisson and D Sgt Pryke. They showed him photographs and clips from two videos (one 8mm. one VHS) seized on 5 June. Mr Baker was asked if he could identify a boy in the videos. Mr Baker said he could not with certainty identify the boy. On his return to the College, Mr Baker told the Headmaster of the meeting at Rouge Bouillon and told him whom the police thought the boy in the video might be. The Headmaster subsequently viewed the video clips at Rouge Bouillon and did not feel able to identify the boy with certainty.
B29   During the rest of June and July, further disclosing statements were made to the police by six former pupils and two current pupils, relating to incidents between 1986 and 1995.
B30   On 2 July Mr Rotherham reported to police the disclosure to him by a pupil in November 1992.
B31   On Monday 15 July, at a meeting of the Governing Body chaired by Sir Philip Bailhache, the Headmaster reported that Mr Jervis-Dykes had been suspended on full pay because of allegations which were being handled by the police. It was agreed that Sir Michael Alcock, Senator Jeune and Mr McKeon (present as Assistant Director) would convene a Disciplinary Sub Committee meeting. Advocate Falle was present as an observer and took over soon after as Chairman of Governors. Next day, because of travel and other comp1ications Mr Falle replaced Sir Michael as proposed chairman of the Sub Committee meeting. (It was noted at the time that Mr Dykes was out of the Island.) The Headmaster had taken advice from his professional association. He wrote that “The Governors need only show improper behaviour and depending on the gravity have the power to invite a resignation or dismiss summarily. Any action must of course follow a proper hearing.”
B32   On 22 July, the Headmaster wrote to Advocate Falle, confirming a disciplinary meeting to be held on 14 August, before Advocate Falle, Mr Richard Robins, the Director of Education (Mr Grady) and the Headmaster. Mr Jervis-Dykes had been sent a copy of the complaints against him and had been advised that he may wish to be accompanied by a professional friend.
B33   On 25 July, Mr Jervis-Dykes wrote to the Chairman of Governors giving “the required one terms notice of my resignation from the post of Head of the Department of Mathematics”.
B34   On 2 August, Advocate Falle replied, saying that he was willing to accept the resignation with immediate effect on the basis that salary would be paid to the end of September.
B35   On 5 August, Mr. Le Breton wrote to Advocate Falle. He said that the police did not as yet seem inclined to press charges and that there may indeed be no case to answer. He went on to say that Mr Jervis-Dykes had served the College in an outstandingly competent and conscientious way. He accepted that there was now evidence of misconduct on off Island trips and that in his view this was now a resignation matter. He asked that Mr Jervis-Dykes be allowed to leave with some dignity and suggested that the Governors consider a resignation from Christmas or Easter. He did not believe that his continued presence teaching Maths and as Head of Maths would place anyone at risk. “In the absence of a police case, the resignation would be seen as an inevitable consequence of an intolerable situation caused by an unsubstantiated allegation.” (Mr. Le Breton had not taken up the Headmaster’s suggestion in June that he might view the videos and he was not aware that Mr Baker had seen them).
B36   On 11 August Mr Jervis-Dykes wrote to Advocate Falle, accepting the conditions of the letter of 2 August saying that it was without prejudice and did not in any form constitute any admission of guilt to any allegations levelled against him at any time.
Events During 1998
B37   On 17 June a former pupil made a disclosure and identified himself as the boy in the video taken in July 1995. Three days later another former pupil disclosed an incident in 1991.
B38   On 26 June. Mr Jervis-Dykes was arrested at his mother’s home in Southampton and brought to Jersey.
B39   On 5 August a former pupil disclosed an incident in 1981.
B40   In September PC Cornelisson interviewed Mr Rotherham at the College. Among other things, Mr Rotherham confirmed that after the disclosure in November 1992 the Headmaster had instructed him to say nothing. Mr Rotherham subsequently (in September 1998) took union advice which was to be honest and make a statement if asked. Mr Rotherham also took advice from his cousin, PC Stephen Rotherham.
B41   On 15 December PC Cornelisson telephoned Mr Baker with the intention of taking a statement of the dates of trips abroad, the letter of 13 June 1996 and the viewing of the video. Mr Baker repeated that he had been unable to identify the boy. (This sequence of events is set out from the police point of view in Paragraphs 26 of the Police Report)
B42   On 16 December Mr Jervis-Dykes’ defence advocate telephoned PC Cornelisson in connection with discussion there had been with Mr Baker as to whether making a statement would damage Mr Jervis-Dykes’ defence. Subsequently Mr Baker declined to make a statement.
B43   At the end of December 1998, Mr Jervis-Dykes changed his plea from not guilty to guilty.
B44   During the period of his imprisonment Mr Jervis-Dykes was visited by several teachers from Victoria College from time to time.
Events During 1999
B45   On 26 February 1999, DI Faudemer and PC Cornelisson visited the Headmaster at the College to clarify the date of the warning to Mr Jervis-Dykes about the TV programme. The Headmaster then asked whether he had, in DI Faudemer’s opinion, acted correctly in November 1992. DI Faudemer informed the Headmaster that a police report of concerns about the College’s handling of the Jervis-Dykes affair had been prepared and submitted by the Chief Officer to the Attorney-General. (The Report is dated 3 February 1999).
B46   On 3 March, the Headmaster telephoned DI Faudemer to say that he remembered that he had taken informal advice in November 1992 from a Governor of the College, Mr. Francis Hamon a Commissioner of the Royal Court at the time and now Deputy Bailiff.
B47   On 4 March the Headmaster wrote to the Attorney General to give the information about his conversation with the Deputy Bailiff. 
B48   On 5 March the Headmaster told the Deputy Bailiff of his letter of 4 March.
B49   On 10 March the Headmaster wrote to the Attorney General asking to see the police report immediately.
B50   On 15 March the Attorney General replied to both letters saying that the report could not be released before the end of the criminal proceedings and agreeing to pass the Headmaster’s letter of 4 March to the Chairman of Governors with the Report in due course.
B51   On 26 April, the Crown Advocate delivered in public in the Superior Number of the Royal Court his address on the sentencing occasion of the Jervis-Dykes case. The address contained the statement that “the Crown hesitates to speak of the school as a victim of the breach of trust without some reservation. The reservation is this. It is known that on two occasions, each unrelated to the other, the school was told that all was not as it should be in the accused’s conduct towards pupils in his charge. It is not yet clear that the school did anything on either occasion which was sufficient properly to investigate what it had been told.
B52   Mr Jervis-Dykes was sentenced to four years imprisonment (the amalgamation of several sentences to run concurrently or consecutively).
B53   Throughout the week beginning 26 April the Jersey Evening Post published a series of detailed and well informed articles about the case.”

So what's the big deal about page 20?
Maybe this is it?
"The Press are keen to put a slant on the situation."
Why would they be keen to put a slant on the situation? Did the Jersey Evening Post have some sort of hold over the Jersey Oligarchy? Of course they did, they had child abuse as leverage.
But leverage for what?
The Jersey Evening Post has, for over a Century, sucked the sweetcorn from the shit of the Jersey Government, so why, all of a sudden, are the Jersey Evening Post going against the Government? Holding them to ransom, if you like?
Could it possibly have anything to do with the nocturnal activities of the creep in the picture above?
Is he also related to the character who is central to the shit the Dean of Jersey finds himself in at the minute?
Is it a family thing?
I have a funny feeling that the comments section on this blog posting is going to get very interesting over the weekend!!!


  1. It is strange that John Averty, appears on your blog, or is it ?

    He is Deputy Chair of JFSC,


    The Chairman and Chief Executive of the Guiton Group Ltd. The group publishes daily and weekly newspapers in the Channel Islands.

    It is also strange that serious allegations were made against Mr Averty at a formal scrutiny meeting not long ago, minutes were taken but disappeared from the final document regarding his alleged behaviour towards a female employee.

    Why would that happen, why should the words not be laid down and published, ultimately a public court case, would follow, with all names and actions being laid bare for Mr Averty to clear his name. It never happened, is it because he know’s to much and would take down to many with him if found guilty, so the Jersey judiciary and others dare not take the risk ?

    The Jersey Way.

    1. Send me info will see what WE can dig up

      Legion Jersey

  2. Good to know that a man allowed to sit and judge on evidence as a Jurat for 14 years - John Le breton - had such an unshakable commitment to, and great understanding of JUSTICE and the importance of EVIDENCE, isn't it? Thing is if this man would refuse to look at evidence against a friend and colleague who was a predatory paedophile how could he be trusted to 'do the right thing' when sitting on a case relating to another friend and colleague? Like a director of the company owning the Jersey Evening Pravda...

    1. Paedophile protector Jurat Le Breton was selected to sit on your case and interestingly on the judicial review of the (illegal) suspension of Police Chief G.Power QPM.

      Jersey Justice: a criminal enterprise!

  3. 2nd Sept 2008 date of the sharp report.

    Mr. Rotherham only revealed a disclosure made to him by a pupil in 2nd July 1992 to the police?

    At the time he did report it to the headmaster who instructed him to say nothing. Which it appears he complied with yet sought advice from the union in 1998 after the arrest of Jervis Dykes? Why so long to act?

  4. See you in court soon Jon :)

  5. Anon who sent the post "DO NOT PUBLISH" please then kindly send me something along the same lines that I CAN PUBLISH...Give us a chance mate!!!

    1. Thanks for the contact anon, I could not edit it because I simply did not know what needed editing from your standpoint, really looking forward to a fully edited contribution that I can post :)

  6. Putting two and two together, I get four. From the first comment on this blog I deduce serious criminal wrongdoing on the part of Mr John Averty. From the words written on the picture at the top of this blog, I deduce a possible sexual assault, or even rape. Things are now starting to make a lot more sense, who holds the minutes of the meeting which are described in the first comment?

    1. Whoever it is, I cannot answer your question, I simply have no idea who holds the minutes to that meeting. Or even if they still exist to this day? Jersey is so corrupt that you can't even bank on the rain falling in April!!!

    2. Wasn't me.


  7. This is a very important posting.

    The question posed by a reader - about Rotherham - is precisely to get to the heart of the issue.

    Not least - because the very same question applies to virtually all of the other individuals associated with the school, named in the report above.

    The fundamental - and obvious - point - is that amongst the crimes on display here is not only the crimes of child-abuse - as dreadful as they were - committed by Jervis-Dykes.

    In addition - what we see - so starkly evidenced by the Sharp Report - are a multitude of other crimes - by many people - such as conspiracy to pervert the course of justice - and misconduct in a public office.

    What a disgusting accretion of inadequate and contemptible individuals.

    I could make so many observations about the evidence published here, I think I may have to write something specific on my blog.


    1. Kick ass Stuart, I know very little about this episode and would be grateful for your enlightenment on this most vile of subjects!

  8. Funny (or not) how close friend of the Bailhache's, the £10 million Mr fix it, Richard Falle gets rolled out whenever TPTB require damage limitation, sheer coincidence that a mere observer "took over soon after as Chairman of Governors".

    That very same Bonzi Saruman who cursed the vulnerable HG to be 'bound over to leave the island' for having the audacity to complain of her mistreatment at the hand of the great and good of the Crown Church of Jersey.


  9. Can anyone confirm if it was in 1996 Mr Rotherham revealed the claim made to him in 1992?

    the following from Sharp report an event in 1999
    B46 On 3 March, the Headmaster telephoned DI Faudemer to say that he remembered that he had taken informal advice in November 1992 from a Governor of the College,

    I find the above highly convenient given it took 7 years to recall.

  10. Faudemer, Pryke, Falle, McKeon, and may more mentioned in this posting have been related to the child abuse cover up....

    Also not forgetting Baker who's Brother was an actor in Bergerac, the connection there will be Data Protection, (Nettle's Daughter)!?

  11. Is John Averty related to Robb Averty does anyone know?

    1. They are bothers.

    2. they are also brothers.

  12. Also not forgetting that the Bakers Father was a local Vicar

  13. Pryke is that the Health Ministers husband (passed away)

    Faudemer is he one now in charge of Financial Offices,was that the price of keeping "quiet"

  14. I seem to remember somewhere that Piers Baker described these disgusting incidents as TEACHERS PERKS, can anyone confirm this? amazing he ends up with a top job at harbours.

    1. Stuart made some reference to this in at least one of his blog postings that I am aware of, not sure which posting though?

    2. Piers Baker denies making the "teachers perks" comment that the police officer alleges - to not believe him would be .....unthinkable?


      Piers Baker: Knew of, but yet concealed – for years – complaints of child abuse at Victoria College. Went on sailing trips with the abuser and groups of boys. Allowed the abuser to get them intoxicated and behave inappropriately with them. Not only failed to report the issues to the police – but when the police did become involved – pro-actively obstructed them. Apparently saw nothing problematic in a colleague regarding the abusing of children as "payment" for taking them sailing and regarded it as "teachers perks". Although had to resign in disgrace from Victoria College, quickly re-habilitated by the Jersey oligarchy – into a bullet-proof, very highly paid job at the Harbours Department – with a gold-plated pension.

      And where – amongst other things – he has strategic responsibility for the protection of children at sea.

  15. They are all rotten to the core!
    What a great story there is to be had but true. Publish the truth for all to see and the establishment will tumble down which is about time!

  16. This same guy Baker once told me over a pint that they were experiencing vandalism in the school,(boys toilet)and so hidden cameras had been fitted in the toilets in an attempt to catch the culprit, he and another teacher had the task of reviewing the recordings each evening, this particular evening was his turn and so he had to rush off home to view them. I wonder what the boys using these toilets and their parents would have said had they known?


  18. May I share something with all bloggers? As a lot of you know, Dame Heather Steele is supposed to be 'investigating' on behalf of the Diocese of Winchester, what she is investigating I do not know, but I wrote to the police and forbade her or any police officer 'appointed' by the Diocese to be allowed to access my records as I feel, and so do many, that this investigation is sham.
    This morning, one of the advocates who was used to destroy me and leave me homeless in the UK contacted me saying that Dame Steele had been in touch about me. I hit the roof and have made a formal complaint against the Diocese of Winchester.
    An investigation that is a conflict of interests which is harming the person they are supposedly investigating and refusing to give terms of reference is just wrong.

    Will anyone bail me out when the Diocese have me arrested in retaliation?

    1. you'll get there Girl, justice will come down on them soon , don't you worry about that.

      You sound strong, a fighter ! keep it up.

    2. Thank you anonymous.
      The Diocese of Winchester wont be satisfied until they have driven me to my death, probably by another beating from the police, for the crime of being poor, disabled, abused etc.
      I am not going to last much longer, my blood pressure is dangerous and I am exhausted.
      So I will speak while I can, before the Diocese of Winchester kill me.

  19. As sickening as the Jersey situation:

    Eileen Fairweather
    How do they get away with it?
    In Jersey we see how, in microcosm, and in a clarity which enables the more nebulous mainland situation to be better understood.

    At least the posh boys at Vic college got taken sailing and drugged with alcohol with probably only minor use of threats - beter than being beaten shitless, tide up, or half drowned which have been the preferred methods by some at places like HDLG and some mainland homes that have been infiltrated by paedophiles.