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Monday, 22 July 2013

"Holy Shmoley More Bloody Nonsense From Rose Colley!"

Jersey Consumer Council investigates public transport

Another hair brained scheme to get public money into private pockets.
Who will benefit from this utter idiocy? Only those being paid to be a part of it.
We know the States don't give a flying fudge about the general public, or their opinions, you only have to cast your mind back to the hijacked referen-dum to see that.
This is just another government ploy to siphon off even more public money into the private pockets of the governments mates.
Tell em to ram it where the sun don't shine, then write to them asking how much this lunacy has cost us!

A survey aimed at understanding what islanders want from public transport has been launched by the Jersey Consumer Council.
The survey has been posted to homes in the island.
Advocate Rose Colley, the council's chairwoman, said: "Public transport has an impact on every consumer in Jersey.
"We want to know how the public thinks the island's transport services could be improved, so that we can lobby for those improvements to be made."
The council was established by the States in 1995 to raise consumer issues, based on public opinion, with policy makers.
Ms Colley said they wanted comments and suggestions from people "whether or not you use the island's buses, taxis, ferries or planes".
She said: "Our aim is to gather as much detailed evidence as possible so that we can present it to the island's transport decision makers."

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  1. Ian.

    The Judicial system should be surveyed and Rose Colley being an Advocate will have plenty of experience of how it "operates." Don't think there will be any survey of that kind coming any time soon though.