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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

"Frank Willis On Law & The New World Order"

"We Are Change Manchester"

Published on Jul 16, 2013
What Have The New World Order Got Planned?

Beware!! This presentation contains frank views and opinions expressed in a strong way. The views and opinions expressed by Frank Willis should not be taken as an endorsement by New Horizons or WeAreChange Manchester. They are Frank Willis's truth and we would never seek to suppress his rights to express that truth.

The ever-challenging and enlightening Frank Willis opens some dark doors for us to peer through

In March 2011, hundreds of protesters stormed a courtroom in Birkenhead in support of Roger Hayes from the British Constitution Group who was facing a bankruptcy hearing for non-payment of council tax. In the court, the protesters attempted to make a citizen's arrest on the judge.

Since then, Frank has been meeting people in the Truth Movement, not by chance as in the past, but by design. He wanted to know more about the circumstances of the attempted arrest and the consequences for those who took part. Frank believes we've been duped!

This opened many doors for Frank... some of the people he met were friendly; some were not. The closer he got to the truth, the more intense the threats became. The levels that the New World Order are operating on are truly terrifying. Frank will share his experiences and views with us in this presentation.

This talk will open our eyes to the fact that we are not as free as we think.

Please spread this video far and wide. It's time to take Action!


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