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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

"Four Crooks & The Maleficent Seven Join Forces & Public Money To Dish Out The Syvret Treatment!!!"

"Starring Jersey's Halfwits"

The Stella Kid, Jon 'wet mattress' Haworth,
David 'bent cop' Minty,
Andrew 'madman' Mariola,
And Danny 'paedophile pervert' Wherry.

"Jersey Criminals Try To Silence Bloggers"

Data Protection Commissioner, Emma 'vacant' Martins
Data Protection Commissioner, Emma Martins seems happy for any vile criminal to apply for the peoples hard earned tax money as long as it is in pursuance of persecuting and prosecuting Jersey's Bloggers, and is in the Public Interest. But what exactly is "The Public Interest?" And will she explain it to us? :) I doubt it!

It appears that some of Jersey's worst & most disgusting criminals have already benefited from Emma's kind offer to help rid the island of a truthful alternative media source. Among these wretched scum are a deranged alcoholic & humanity-despising Internet troll (Jon Sharrock Haworth), one of Jersey's most corrupt and hated cops (David Minty), a lunatic nurse suspected of having committed multiple murders, and the odd rape or two? (Andrew Mariola), and the most brutal vile child abuser imaginable (Danny Wherry).

That sadly seems to be the sum total of Emma Martins moral and ethical compass, along with most of our wonderful government of course, who are still trying to derail the Committee of Inquiry into Decades of Child Abuse. Getting Williamson in to water down the very robust Terms of Reference of the Verita Group is like asking the kitchen porter to explain to the Three Star Michelin Chef just what was wrong with the banquet he laid on!!!

Someone should advise Emma that Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005 (statutory) only applies to legal fiction persons (body corporates) or those who willingly contract with government.
Click on the pic to read it

"Now For The Article On Real Men"


  1. More legalese jiba jaba refering to persons and the public (states employees). Corporate bullying in the pathetic JEP. Nazi assets or straight facists take your pick. They are the Elephant in the room!

  2. Do you think there is any chance of the Super-Duper machine curing the Wet Matress or does it only work on humans?

    1. Absolutely Not!!!

      It is more than likely that the "Suppa Duppa" would electrocute the maggot, urine is full of salt, and salt is an electrolyte which conducts electricity. Therefore, as Haworth is full of P*SS he would undoubtedly meet his deserved demise :)

  3. I was reading on the VFC blog earlier this court case is and isn't a secret. It can hardly be called a secret now and can't think why the data Protection officer would want to carry on trying to keep it secret. Have you got a link to the death threat phone call made by one of the four?

  4. Can a troll even take anyone to court? I mean can a troll even be deemed a legal fiction t issue any charges? Lastly, as it is apparently a fact that trolls are slightly less intelligent than maggots how would a troll make an affidavit?

  5. "Among these wretched scum are a deranged alcoholic & humanity-despising Internet troll (Jon Sharrock Haworth), one of Jersey's most corrupt and hated cops (David Minty), a lunatic nurse suspected of having committed multiple murders, and the odd rape or two? (Andrew Mariola), and the most brutal vile child abuser imaginable (Danny Wherry)."

    I don't know who has the bigger problem Mr Ian Evans because it is a toss up between you or them. These childish internet insults you write about people not only undo all the great legal stuff you put on here but I fear this kind of thing will put you in prison one of these days.

    It's very nasty.

  6. Well done Ian for having the guts to stand up to the utter corrupt shysters.

  7. It's harassment Ian.

    Funny how you keep on picking on the same people though who never counter attack you though.

    Accumulatively I guess its only a matter of time before you end up in court for this kind of thing just like Syvret did.

    1. In a secret court?

  8. People need the shock factor to listen now a day's.
    Fair play to you for knowing your true rights and using your filters and also for not being fulled by the government, with the so called rights and bent laws to keep people scared and speak out.
    No one is above the law but it helps to be a politician to bend it their way.
    If the real world shocks people the best thing to do is switch off go watch bbc news and everything will be ok.

  9. Ian are you not exercising your right to free speech? How in this case are you taking the law into your own hands?

    Would that not be the next stage if ''The States of Jersey Inc'' with Emma Martin and taxpayers funds proceed against you.

  10. Ian.

    Maybe, by putting up the clipping of Ex Senator Syvret, knocking on the Royal Court door, will help put it into more prospective for people who donot know about this: Desperately trying to keep secret....

    Secret court case?!

  11. Q: If a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Home Office is also the elected member of parliaments who's constituent is involved in a case where the Home Office is the defendant would that make the MP conflicted?

  12. Sorry, the word should have been perspective. Anyway thanks for putting the link up, not once, but twice.

    And so, so, relevant.

  13. Not happy
    Freedom of speech