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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"First Internet Censorship For Jersey Being Considered - But Is It Really To Keep Children From Accessing Porn?"

Jersey could adopt internet porn blocking plan

The real start of Internet censorship

ISLANDERS could be automatically blocked from viewing online pornography unless they choose to have access to it, the Assistant Home Affairs Minister says.

Following the news that UK Prime Minister David Cameron is to take steps to require internet providers to block pornography by default, Senator Lyndon Farnham said his department would now be considering similar plans for Jersey.

Anyone in their right mind would think this a good idea to protect children, yet this is just the first stepping stone to dupe the public into accepting such censorship as the norm.

This is not just a Jersey thing, or even a UK thing, it is a world wide thing. They begin chipping away at the public using honourable reasoning to gain consent for their censorship's and intrusions. Then later they begin the real agenda in earnest after Joe Public becomes used to restrictions being enforced upon them. This is all part of the N.W.O. agenda.

You only have to look at Internet service to see the restrictions already in place even on single words being used in Emails. One example were the words "erect pole" which were disallowed in an Email from a States member because it had a sexual connotation! If I remember correctly, that politician was Bob Hill.

Wake up people, JUST SAY NO!!!


  1. Obama opposes any restrictions on N.S.A operations

  2. Spot on as usual Ian, this is stage one of their agenda. Everyone knows that the PTB are pissed off at having no control over what we view on the internet, and this item, coupled with the quiet whisper going around about the green paper draft in the electronic communications law shows that they want to stop bloggers and control social media. Unfortunately for them we are not all sheep and some of us refuse to believe the crap spouted by the states sponsored and conntrolled mainstream media, preferring to read postings by individuals who only want to get the truth out and don't go home with a fat wage packet.

  3. You wait until they change the new telecommunications laws on malicious rumour mongering on blogs.
    They reckon we are talking about in only Months.

    1. Who gives a crap?

      Look up "Sui Generis" :)

  4. this is not a new idea this has been going on for ages in the uk where isps have "family filters" in place,and you can opt in or out to see or not to see that is the question.however this is where the problem is,if they censor this then what are they going to censor next,and next and so on and so on.where will it end ???

  5. You know I'm going to stop this



  6. Ian

    This is currently your only posting with the label "Internet censorship"

    Consider adding the "trolling legislation" articles.

    This is a battle that the Shysters must not win.


  7. The unfortunate thing is with the existence of TORnetwork the clear web and the dark net
    It is not going to stop people from accessing porn CP and any thing else that is out there


    1. Could you explain yourself a little better please? @anonJerseyUK

    2. TOR stands for The Onion Router. It's a technology that allows a user to hook up directly to the said onion router, which then allocates a random Internet address (hereafter IP address) for any onward connections. A lot of sites these days are able to identify a user to an IP address (and the IP address will usually give a good clue as to where you are - the local block belongs to JT, which limits the area of search straight away). But if you use TOR, that simply doesn't work. The IP address could be anywhere, and penetrating TOR to see who is using it is a seriously difficult problem.

      Before you ask, the local connection from your machine to TOR is not visible to your ISP - it goes through a "tunnel", probably encrypted.

      DarkNet is what people call the 80+% of the internet that Google does not index and which most people cannot see.

      an anonymous geek

  8. Any government has no right to hinder internet freedom.