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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

"Every Man & Woman On The Planet Has An Inalienable Right To Work - Unless Your Stupid Enough To Sign Away That Right!!!"


A NEW hotline is to be set up so Islanders can report white van men from the UK and other immigrants living and working illegally in Jersey.

Senator Paul Routier said that the phone line – which will be based on the one run Social Security to catch benefit cheats – would be up and running soon.
He added that more staff would be recruited over the summer to bolster the team of inspectors out and about checking building sites, kitchens and other workplaces for those working illegally.
And he said that civil servants would be transferred from the Housing department to the Population Office to help with compliance.
Senator Routier, who has ministerial responsibility for immigration, made the comments in response to concerns raised by Deputy Sean Power in Friday’s JEP that the office had insufficient resources to enforce the Control of Work and Housing Law, which came into force ten days ago.
Sign this shyte and we control you forever!!!

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