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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

"Cops To Be Sat On Their Arses For Even Longer Than Usual"

Jersey Police Officers take to the bus

Some Jersey police officers will be catching the bus to get to rural areas under new plans by the island force.
Officers said the new scheme, which started on Saturday, meant passengers would get to chat to officers as they take a ride.

Jersey's bus operator, Liberty Bus, is offering the journeys to uniformed officers on duty free of charge.
Insp Mark Coxshall came up with the idea and said it started as a way of getting young officers out.
He said: "It goes back to the younger officers who are not yet graded to drive police vehicles but we still want to get them out into the rural communities, parishes and villages.

"It isn't about walking past community members, it is about giving them time to stop and chat and listen to any concerns they are going to have."

So Jersey's finest will be sat down doing nothing for even longer!

What happened to those pretty shorts and racy bicycles that Bowron acquired?

Walking round town at the weekend I noticed that cops are getting shorter and fatter than ever, some almost as wide as they are tall.

Perhaps Mr Bowron might like to invest in a few of the sporty numbers pictured above? Lets face it folks, the Jersey Police are becoming the laughing stock of the world policing organisations, one of the cool looking machines above could only enhance their image and credibility!

Mind you, if we got rid of Mike (crunchy policing) Bowron, the police might actually remember what it is they are supposed to be doing?

And looking at VFC's latest posting linked below,
there sure as hell is plenty to do!!!

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  1. now I've stopped laughing i can post a comment.
    crime will be on the rise as when the coppers purger them selves in court as they always do the excuse is going to be "i missed the bus "