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Monday, 29 July 2013

"Chemtrails Over Jersey - An Open Letter To Chief Minister Gorst" PART 3

"Jersey Denying Chemtrails,
But Will They Deny Geoengineering?"

When did we ever see a sight like this in our youth?



Is this a beer cellar, or a plane?

So, our government employees are denying that chemtrails are a viable phenomenon, but did we ask the correct question?

Governments can honestly deny the existence of anything if the question is not put forward in the correct manner and context. As we have learned from part 2 above, the word "Chemtrail" is slang, it is slang for "Geoengineering" so what is the government stance on geoengineering?

Will the Jersey government deny Geoengineering?

Will I get a response?

From:William Peggie (
Sent:26 July 2013 17:07:04
To:'ian evans'; Louise Magris (
Cc:Robert Duhamel (; Valerie Cameron (; Vanessa Page (; Andrew Scate (

Dear Mr. Evans,

Thank you for your email which I have discussed with the Chief Minister. Senator Gorst asked that I respond in Dr. Magris' absence. While he recognises that you have strong views on the matter, the Chief Minister supports Dr. Magris' original response that the scientific community does not accept chemtrails as viable phenomena and that there is no scientific evidence supporting the chemtrail theory.
Yours sincerely,
William Peggie 
Director for Environment / Deputy Chief Officer 
States of Jersey |Department of the Environment 
T: +44(0)1534 441600 | F: +44(0)1534 441601 | E: mailto: | W:
The content of this email is without prejudice to any future decision which may be made by the Minister for Planning and Environment

From:ian evans
Sent:29 July 2013 13:19:19
To:William Peggie (; Louise Magris (
Cc:Robert Duhamel (; Valerie Cameron (; Vanessa Page (; Andrew Scate (
Dear Mr Peggie

Thank you for your response in which you are all agreed that "chemtrails" is not a viable phenomenon.

I wonder if you and/or your colleagues would answer one final question for me?

Do you hold the same views on "Geoengineering"?

Kind regards

Ian Evans


  1. ha ha ian do you really expect to get an honest answer from wonder chin ??? he is after all the chief minister of that states and you know what there like for telling the truth

  2. Try telling them you would like to present evidence for jet aircraft aerosol spraying based on available meteorologic data. This will force them to turn you down for no reason.

    Also, ask them to supply research that inquired on the question and ruled it out. Where are those documents?

    Finally, You can forward the link to the 1990 CHEMTRAILS manual in PDF format at:

    This chemistry manual was published for future pilots at the Air Force Academy.