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Sunday, 21 July 2013

"Chemtrails Over Jersey - An Open Letter To Chief Minister Gorst" PART 2

"Government Action Against Poisoning Jersey With Chemtrails"


I have received a response from Dr Louise Magris on behalf of the Chief Minister, Ian Gorst, in reply to my open letter of 17th June 2013 wherein I made complaint of the chemtrails being sprayed over this beautiful island.

Dr Magris firmly asserts that nothing is going down in this regard, and sent me some documentation from government organisations in the USA and the UK. One was produced by the U.S Air Force, the other by D.E.F.R.A.

"The Letters Are Below"

To: Ian Evans
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 17:15:05 +0100
Subject: RE: Government Action Against Poisoning Jersey With Chemtrails

Dear Mr Evans,
Thank you for your email, the Chief Minister has asked me to reply to your concerns.
I am aware of the allegations that so-called 'chemtrails' are trails left by aircraft deliberately spraying chemical or biological agents, such as the ones you mention, at high altitudes. However, 'chemtrails' are not an accepted phenomenon by the scientific community. Instead visible trails from aeroplanes such as the ones pictured on your blog are considered just normal condensation trails ('contrails' - i.e. water vapour) . I have attached two reports that provide significant information about contrails and the 'chemtrail phenomenon' which I think you will find very interesting. One is written by the US Air Force which has investigated a number of complaints of chemtrails over the US and also an Frequently Asked Questions document from the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) with more UK specific information. The papers address your observation that contrails should dissipate very quickly and note that in some meteorological conditions contrails can persist and even grow.
I hope that you find this information helpful in addressing your concerns.
Best wishes

Dr Louise Magris, Director of Environmental Policy 
Department of the Environment - States of Jersey | Howard Davis Farm| Trinity Hill | Jersey CI JE3 5JP    
T: +44(0)1534 441605 | F: +44(0)1534 441601 | "

Be ECO-ACTIVE - Please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to.

The content of this email is without prejudice to a future decision which may be made by the Minister for Planning and Environment.


Dear Dr Magris

Thank you for your email dated 4th July 2013 and accompanying pdf documents from the US Air Force, and DEFRA from the UK. My first observation on your response can only be that you have selected government documents in an attempt to (in my view) dismiss my evidenced concerns. Are you not aware that governments lie all the time? Do you not understand the need for independence when dealing with such controversial topics? I hardly think that two government documents, one of which is from the organisation that started the spraying in earnest in 1994, can be construed as proof of anything other than flagrant cover up!

On my blog posting which you refer to in your response, the second video, linked here shows a plane clearly spraying chemicals into the atmosphere, how can these be contrails? They stop and start on numerous occasions for crying out loud!!! Are you suggesting that the pilot keeps cutting his engines in mid air?

Furthermore, we see six different plumes being emitted from this aircraft and I must ask the bleeding obvious at this juncture, how many engines do you count on this particular aircraft?

I would also refer you to some very important keywords below which will take you to some very alarming papers on this subject, most of them government papers which are being taken down as fast as they are being put up.

"Chemtrails" is a slang term, and when you enter chemtrails into a search engine, you will get a couple of reliable sites, but most of the search engines'  results are websites comprised mostly speculation, hypotheses, guesswork, or outlandish kook stuff.

Once you find the right establishment "buzzword" and enter it into a search engine using Boolean operators (or the "advanced search" function), you will uncover so many white papers, scientific studies, and policy reports, on "chemtrails" your head will spin.

The buzzword in this case is "geoengineering" or more specifically "climate geoengineering"

Here are some more "buzzwords" or phrases to find more PDFs on chemtrail phenomenon:

Copy and paste the following phrases exactly how they are, and put them into a search engine:  (I used google, yahoo, and bing, and each search engine found different pdfs)

"climate geoengineering" filetype:pdf

climate geoengineering filetype:pdf

"solar radiation management" filetype:pdf

inject atmospheric aerosols filetype:pdf

"aluminum oxide" climate filetype:pdf

"aluminum oxide" particles filetype:pdf

"mount pinatubo" climate filetype:pdf

You can also find PowerPoint Presentations too, just change the input for the boolean operator to PPT.  For example, copy and paste the following into a search engine:

climate geoengineering filetype:ppt

The first result I had when I put that phrase into Google was a PPT from NASA "science talks", where they "explore" the possibility of climate geoengineering, with the disclaimer they have no intentions of doing it, but they do cite studies where geoengineering experiments have been done.

So, in light of the above, I again pose the question to Chief Minister Gorst, what do you propose to do about it?

Yours very sincerely

Ian Evans

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    An updated, more in-depth, look at the alleged corruption in Jersey's LEGAL/JUSTICE SYSTEM.