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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

"Barking Mad Survival School"

Foster homes for rescue dogs plea

Sighthound Rescue Jersey is encouraging pet-lovers to take on dogs for a couple of months or so to make room for others more in need.

The family-run centre is having to turn animals away and is desperate to find foster carers.

The centre is home to at least fifteen dogs, known as sighthounds. 

The group of dogs include Afghans, greyhounds, whippets, who used to hunt by sight rather than scent.

Most of these animals had a grim start in life overseas, some found in a ditch or left to starve at the roadside, but have they have made a new start here in Jersey.

Alison Le Feuvre, Jersey Dogs Sighthound Rescue said: "I'd always grown up with whippets. If ever there were any at the local animal shelter I'd take them on then I realised there was a plight with whippets and whippet-crosses in the UK and Ireland and that there were homes wanting them here. We don't have any children, so the home is geared around the dogs."

Although it is a rescue charity, Alison and her husband, John, often pay for dog food and treats from their own pockets.

Alison said: "We've got our longest-stayer, Sadie, she's a middle-sized lurcher. Then, we've got Keira, another Irish hound; she's a Saluki-cross. Now, she'd had notches cut out of her ears, so it's taken months of healing, but they seem to be ok now and she's ready for a home. We've got Ellie, the little whippet; she's the smallest of the gang at the moment and there's Gemma who's got odd eyes, one white or pale blue, so we think she's got some collie in her, collie with a little bit of whippet."

Four of the dogs in particular need new homes right away.

If you would like to foster, adopt a dog or make a donation to Jersey Dogs Sighthound Rescue please click the link below.


  1. How refreshing to see this article. As I don't watch CTV I would have missed this so thank you for posting it. It is lovely to see a dog charity that does exactly what it says on the can, rescues and cares for unwanted or cruelly treated dogs.The dogs live in the house with this couple who work long hours in their jobs to support them and if they have behavioural problems, then they stay there for the rest of their lives. Shall we now compare this rescue to our well known other local dog rescue, the JSPCA? Sadly this one is run very differently, it is now in fact a profit making business, run by an ex military CEO ( who has been warned by an independant tribunal about the manhandling of his staff), his wife, who runs their facebook page even though she is not employed by the JSPCA but is in fact a manager at the JEP, hence the fact that no letters commplaining about the JSPCA appear in the paper and if they do they are heavily edited. Add to the mix Deputy Sean Power who is now heavily involved. Anyone wanting to, can see this bunch breakfasting on a sunday morning at the gunsite cafe with their buddy ex Senator Frank Walker.Complaints have been stacking up recently about the conduct at this charity, with animals being turned away as the kennels are full of boarding (paying) dogs amongst other problems. This is actually 2 charities in one, we have "The Animal Shelter" and the JSPCA, most people think it is all the same but it isn't. Do people realise that the JSPCA run the animal crematorium? The crematorium was built with tax-payers money and then the JSPCA took over the running of it.They charge an exorbitant amount to cremate people's pets, often up to £200 dearer per animal than the same service in Guernsey, and even charge the owner £20 on top to collect the body.Anyone who cannot afford hundreds of pounds to have their beloved pets ashes returned to them has to opt for the cheaper communal cremation option, in Guernsey these communal ashes are then spread in a beautiful garden of rememberance for the bereaved owners to visit, in Jersey they are dumped in a landfill site. For a so-called charity to profit heavily from people's grief is a disgrace and questions should be asked in the states now about this over priced monopoly. Recently there have been complaints on other sites about the fact that the JSPCA will not come out for injured birds and warning that they will euthanase them if they do, The wife of the CEO urged people on their facebook page to complain to the Enviroment dept about these birds as one had "swooped down" and scared her cat!!! Says it all really doesn't it.

    1. Same old, same old, greedy pigs at the trough of public money!!!

      Perhaps you should forward this to Trevor or Shona anon, apart from Mike Higgins who is up to his neck in work, I can't see anyone else doing anything about it.

      You could report it to the police as they don't investigate real crime anymore, cautioning people who hurt small animals is about their limit and capacity as a law enforcement agency :)

  2. James H. MetaphorJuly 31, 2013 9:35 pm

    Read Anonymous' comment last night, and was amazed by the price difference. I knew they were more expensive then the UK (unreasonably so - more then the cost of transporting fuel here), but to be so much more expensive then Guernsey is astonishing. I looked into the exact figures today (the Guesney figures were freely available on their website - - but the JSPCA don't publish their prices on theirs', so I had to request a pricelist from my Vets) and found the profit markup to be unexplainably larger in Jersey then Guernsey, despite being an identical setup (charity running a publicly owned facility).
    The exact comparison prices (weights compared as closely as possible), for the same service (animals individually cremated with ashes returned in a small wooden casket with name plaque on) are as follows:
    Cats and dogs (up to 10KG) - Jersey: £195, Guernsey:£102 (Diff: £93)
    Dogs (up to 30KG) - Jersey: £250, Guernsey: £130 (Diff: £120)
    Dogs (up to 45KG) - Jersey: £320, Guernsey: £158 (Diff: £162)
    Dogs (up to 50KG) - Jersey: £350, Guernsey: £191 (Diff: £159)
    Dogs (up to 90KG) - Jersey: £400, Guernsey: £224 (Diff: £176)

    I then checked the prices for travel from Jersey to Guernsey (Aprox £50 day return by boat - No car) and realised it would be cheaper to take my dog/cat's body to Guernsey for cremation and have the ashes posted back to me (to say nothing of the free holiday to Guernsey). If someone was taking multiple pets the savings would be even greater.
    Anonymous is right, the cost is a disgrace. For a so-called charity to be making so much money from grieving pet owners is abysmal, based on the fact that they think they have a monopoly because people won't make the journey. I hope anonymous does give this to Trevor and Shona to take up, as it's certainly time it was addressed.
    It's thanks to blogs like this one that ordinary people can see exactly where they're being ripped off, because we can be sure Mrs. Coleman (the wife of the JSPCA's CEO and a manager at the JEP) would never allow this to see the pages of our local paper. And your description of greedy pigs at the trough of public money is perfectly apt in this case.