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Friday, 19 July 2013

"Another Sad Suicide In Incompetent Jersey - When Will Pryke Be Fired?"

Failures that led to hospital suicide

The height of incompetence - Anne Pryke
A CATALOGUE of Health department failures has been revealed at an inquest into the suicide of a woman at St Saviour’s Hospital last year.
Barbara Howard died on Cedar Ward on 15 August 2012 – three weeks after she had been admitted to hospital suffering from depression and psychosis.
An internal Health review was launched, and a report, co-authored by an independent UK expert, identified a series of failings leading up to the 66-year-old’s death.

St Saviour's Hospital


  1. wow !!! the mental health services have had the balls to admit to this suicide in st saviours hospital.what about all the others that go back years ?????i wonder if the night staff up there still sleep when there supposed to be working ??? oh yes that went on in Belcroute ward at the general hospital when it was open

    1. I really don't think they had much choice on this one anon!

    2. Belcroute ward was an awful place, I have so many bad memories of that place. The staff were rude to the patients and neglectful, they couldn't of given a damn. They should have been thoroughly ashamed of themselves!

  2. the problem is that anne prick oppps i mean pryke don't give a shit about no one or nothing,all she cares about is the money its getting paid to basically fuck all !!! she knows it and everyone else knows it as well she wont help nobody says "oh its not my job" if its not your job vinegar tits then who's it ffs woman ?you are supposed to be the health minister (falls of chair laughing )

  3. Agreed Anon 9:42pm!

    The response she gave me when i phoned her asking whether she could intervene when i was continually denied treatment from the Psychological Services for my severe depression was "what do you expect me to do about it?"

    Anne Pryke as well as being the Health Minister is also my Parish Deputy!

    Since then i have been through a very long and hard spell of depression, where at it's worst i was feeling truly beyond hope and suicidal for the first time in my life. Thankfully i have slowly improved to a degree over a number of months, but it seems i have no option but to go private to get the treatment i desperately need! Where i'll find the money for this i do not yet know, but maybe i i'll run for the States as i can guarantee i would do a better job than her!

  4. anon at 1:18 am you have my deepest sympathy's as i have been down that deep dark road of depression and its a living means nothing and your in a deep dark black hole that you can see no light shining into.Anne prick oops pryke has no conception of mental health problems,like depression or anything else,because maybe if she did she would not be so quick on deciding to help here we have a big spate of suicides in jersey that have increased since shes been,and i use this term very loosely,the minister of health,and a bit of food for thought here,how many of those people asked for help before they took there own life's??if she was any sort of "minister"(fallen of my chair laughing) she would have instigated an investigation into the big spate of suicides when they began,but no what has she done instead?ill tell you what,pryke has wasted time and tax payers money on sorting out a new hospital that we don't need or can we afford to run,maybe if she would get her head out of her arse,then the 16 year old,may he rip,would have not taken his own life.pryke is useless and she needs to be sacked now,she's incompetent,lazy,and pig ignorant,and why should she care eh its only the tax payers payers money that pays her wages,pays all her bills,and keeps her living a comfortable life